August 2, 2005

New TV shows add cast members

By Kimberly Speight

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Three actors have joined
three new network shows as series regulars: Ian Anthony Dale in
NBC's drama "Surface," Amanda Walsh in ABC's comedy "Sons &
Daughters" and Rhea Seehorn in Fox's drama "Head Cases."

Dale ("Mr. 3000") will play Davis Lee, who works at the
Pentagon, in "Surface," a drama about mysterious creatures of
the deep sea. Previously known as "Fathom," the show stars Lake
Bell, Rade Sherbedegia, Jay R. Ferguson and Carter Jenkins.

Walsh is joining "Sons & Daughters," a midseason entry
about three adult siblings, in the role of Jenna, a single
mother who is the younger stepsister of Fred Goss' and Alison
Quinn's characters. Walsh stars in the upcoming indie feature
"These Girls" opposite David Boreanaz.

In "Head Cases," a drama about an odd-couple pairing of
lawyers (Chris O'Donnell and Adam Goldberg), Seehorn will
portray Nicole, the assistant to O'Donnell's character. Her TV
credits include the ABC series "I'm With Her."

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter