BetterRecipes.com Shares How to Cook a Turkey Video and Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

November 10, 2010

DES MOINES, Iowa, Nov. 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — BetterRecipes.com created a fun “How to Cook a Turkey” video that takes all the anxiety out of roasting a turkey. Even though it is based on the film “Psycho,” it’s not scary, but actually quite amusing and helpful.

“We had in mind to make a scary spoof on how easy it is to cook a turkey, so we came up with the Psycho theme and love the way the video turned out,” said Kristina Vanni, host of Better Recipes and celebrity cook. “Our cooking community likes to keep it simple, and our How to Cook a Turkey video is just that – it makes cooking that bird completely fail-proof.”

BetterRecipes.com has loaded up its site with traditional, healthy and easy Thanksgiving recipes. To start, there are step by step instructions on how to cook a turkey, similar to what’s in the video. It recommends what size turkey to buy for the number of people at the feast, how to defrost it if it’s still not thawed when it’s time to cook it, and how long to roast it.

There is a virtual encyclopedia of Thanksgiving recipes at BetterRecipes.com – everything from appetizers such as Pumpkin Turnovers, desserts such as Sweet Potato Delight Cake, to side dishes such as Scrumptious Stuffed Acorn Squash and Wild Mushroom Corn Pudding with Goat Cheese. For people looking for healthy Thanksgiving recipes and special-requirement recipes for low-carb people and diabetics, BetterRecipes.com has special recipes for all the traditional Thanksgiving foods.

Plenty of easy Thanksgiving recipes can be found, too! There is a perfect appetizer recipe for easy-to-make Stuffed Mushrooms, a recipe for Holiday Red and Green Flecked Mashed Potatoes and several stuffing recipes, such as Croissant and Water Chestnut Stuffing.

Once cooks have planned the menu, they can decide on which is their favorite recipe and enter it into the BetterRecipe.com recipe contest. There are weekly prizes and a grand prize of $2,500.

To stay updated on what’s new at BetterRecipes.com, check out: http://twitter.com/BetterRecipes and http://www.facebook.com/betterrecipes.

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