Bestnet Releases a New Music Video, ‘Hope is the Light,’ as Part of the Fight Against Malaria

November 11, 2010

KOLDING, Denmark, Nov. 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Bestnet Europe Ltd. will host a star-studded party in Kolding this evening for the world premiere of a new music video, “Hope is the Light.” Award-winning singers, songwriters and producers will be present to celebrate the release of the new music video. Many of these notable talents volunteered their time and efforts to create the music video to increase awareness about malaria and the deadly toll it takes, in particular, on the vast number of pregnant women and children under 5 who succumb to this disease each year.

The song “Hope is the Light” was inspired by the experiences of Trine Angeline Sig, Bestnet Managing Director. “The song is about the hope to safely see the light of day. We want to educate people about protecting themselves and their loved ones against malaria transmission,” said Sig. Once the concept was fully developed, the song was written and produced in the HIP CAT Studios in Denmark by local musicians Michael Skouboe and Danny Otto with hit singer James Sampson (also known as the winner of a Danish version of “American Idol”) and South African rapper Edward V providing the vocals.

The song “Hope is the Light” was originally released on World Malaria Day, April 25, 2010 at a public health conference in Copenhagen. The video to accompany the song was filmed in Uganda in June 2010 by film producer Johannes Berggreen from Datmus Films. Johnny Mortensen, Bestnet Logistics Manager, accompanied both Johannes Berggreen and James Sampson to a small village in Uganda to shoot the actual footage for the video. “After the overwhelming and positive reception of the song, Bestnet decided to create a music video to accompany it. The old adage that pictures speak louder than words is very often true when attempting to get the message of sleeping under a mosquito net across to people whose lives may be in danger from malaria, a deadly, yet completely preventable disease,” said Mortensen.

“Each year, malaria is responsible for the death of one million people. In fact, somewhere in the world, a child dies about every 30 seconds from malaria,” said Mortensen. He continued, “Bestnet contributes every day to the global fight against malaria by producing Netprotect ® – our insecticide incorporated mosquito nets. But now we have taken an alternative approach to direct the world’s eye towards this deadly disease.”

“My great hope is that this video leaves viewers and listeners with the message that they must be responsible and take action now. At the end of the day, all it requires is simply sleeping under an insecticide incorporated mosquito net,” said Sig.

About Bestnet Europe Ltd.

Bestnet Europe Ltd., manufacturers of the long-lasting mosquito net Netprotect ®, supports the many ministries of health and relief organizations worldwide working for a life without malaria. Bestnet now produces more than 2 million Netprotect ® mosquito nets per month.

More information about “Hope is the Light” is available at http://www.bestneteurope.com or by contacting Bestnet Director Trine Angeline Sig, ts@bestneteurope.com, mob.: +45 2826 2600.

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