One of the World’s Youngest Fantasy Novelists, Ukrainian 12-Year Old Maria Golovakova, Completes Her Second Book

November 11, 2010

KIEV, Ukraine, November 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Ukrainian 12-year old
writer Maria Golovakova, who now lives in the Philippines with her family,
has completed her second fantasy novel which will see the world in print in
2011. Having published her first book in July 2010, the young novelist
surprised readers with her outstanding talent for fantasy writing, which was
widely recognized by critics and editors.

The new fantasy novel by Maria Golovakova, “Fox’s Tricks”, narrates the
story of an American girl, Hanna, who one day finds herself turning into a
fox. In order to return to her usual look, Hanna travels with her spiritual
guide Hogu into a magic world where she has to complete an important mission.
The book is written in the manga style, and is filled with scenes, symbols
and characters from Japanese mythology. The image of a human-fox, in which
the main heroine appears, is very popular in Japanese anime.

The illustrations for “Fox’s Tricks” are being created in the anime style
by Maria’s friend, who designed the previous book for the young writer.
Notably, Maria herself is actively involved in drawing. Recently she has
started a collaboration with a Singaporean clothing company to produce Fox’s
Tricks-branded articles.

Maria Golovakova’s debut as a young Ukrainian writer took place in July
during the presentation of her first fantasy novel, “Sasha and the Magic
of the Philippines“. Her talent was marked out by the editors who highly
estimated her mature style and the fascinating plot. Recently, the novel has
been translated into English and will be published soon.

Maria-Oleksandra Golovakova was born on 19 March 1998 in Zhytomyr,
Ukraine. At the age of 11, she moved with her parents to the Philippines. Her
feelings and expectations connected to the upcoming faraway trip inspired
Maria to write her first novel “Sasha and the Magic of the Philippines“. Now,
Maria is interested in Japanese culture, she researches Japanese mythology,
studies Japanese language and continues with her writing.

SOURCE Worldwide News Ukraine

Source: newswire

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