Sexual Abuse of Boys: What Didn’t Oprah Cover on Friday’s Show?

November 17, 2010

CHICAGO, Nov. 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — This past Friday Oprah addressed the important issue of sexual abuse, which is a silent epidemic. There are an estimated 39 million victims of sexual abuse in America, yet it’s not treated as a public health issue. While Oprah spoke specifically about the effects of abuse on men, it is a problem that affects both genders with sometimes different, but equally tragic, consequences.

Artist, speaker, and community activist Rae Luskin is the author of Art From My Heart: A Creative Journey of Self-Discovery. In the years she has worked with sexual abuse victims, she has seen the lifelong effects of childhood sexual abuse. While men and women tend to handle the abuse differently, both can suffer from a fear of intimacy and feeling undesirable and worthless. Additionally, for those who become parents, some become fearful that they may harm their own children or become excessively vigilant in trying to protect their children from predators.

Why is this a silent epidemic? The concerns about repercussions can include fears that the children may be removed from the home, that the family will be in economic jeopardy if the abuser is the breadwinner and goes to jail, or that the family will be ostracized by the community.

With sensitivity and compassion, Luskin can answer questions about the next steps that victims have to address:

  • How can someone move forward after sharing their story?
  • What tools for healing are available beyond talk therapy?
  • What role can creativity play in the healing process?
  • How do men and women handle abuse differently?
  • How can communities create safe spaces for survivors to come forward?

CREDENTIALS: Rae Luskin is the author of the book Art From My Heart: A Creative Journey of Self-Discovery, which contains creative tools to facilitate discussion between parents and children on issues such as feelings, self-esteem, and body image. She has been featured by Family Time Magazine, Red in Chicago, Times Up, Women’s Alley, and various Internet radio programs.

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