New Baby Einstein(TM) Discovery Kits Give Babies and Parents a Whole New Way to Discover the World

November 18, 2010

BURBANK, Calif., Nov. 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Baby Einstein, an award-winning leader of infant products, today unveils Baby Einstein Discovery Kits, an innovative new interactive experience to help parents introduce babies to the beautiful music, nature and animals for which the company’s products are known. The first six Discovery Kits in the new collection each feature a DVD, a music CD and a picture book or Discovery Cards, and with each element complementing the others, the new kits give parents another way to interact with their babies.

“The Discovery Kits resulted from our ongoing discussions with parents who loved the concept of a single product that offered a variety of different ways to interact with their babies,” noted Susan McLain, vice president and general manager, The Baby Einstein Company. “We’re thrilled to offer this unique new experience for parent and child to share as they go through their busy days together.”

Representing a new path for the company as Baby Einstein continues to listen to and evolve with today’s parents, the Baby Einstein DVDs will now only be available at retail as part of the Baby Einstein Discovery Kits.

The new Discovery Kits encourage parents to take what they and their little one have seen on screen, in the book or on the Discovery Cards, or listened to on the CD and apply it to baby’s everyday life. They were created to grow with babies and are organized in a way that offers three distinct levels of discovery:

Level 1: Experience

  • Baby Beethoven(TM) Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Book, Music CD and Parents’ Guide.

Parent and child will listen to the joyous sounds and cherished works of Beethoven. See how music celebrates the sounds of different instruments. Together, they will experience a world of enchanting sights and sounds and make new discoveries with Baby Beethoven.

  • Baby Mozart(TM) Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Book, Music CD and Parents’ Guide.

Parent and child will discover the joy of classical music together and listen to Mozart’s popular works – including “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” – delightfully reorchestrated for little ears. They’ll look at real-life images and enchanting puppet shows bringing a symphony of sights and sounds together as they share new discoveries with Baby Mozart.

Level 2: Explore

  • Wild Animal Safari Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Discovery Cards, Music CD and Parents’ Guide.

Parents can take their little explorer on an exotic musical expedition to meet wild animals from across the globe. Together, they’ll journey to the jungle, savanna, desert and forest on a wild, wonderful voyage of discovery with Wild Animal Safari.

  • Animals Around Me Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Discovery Cards, Music CD and Parents’ Guide.

Parent and child set off on a fun-filled “field trip” to discover animals found at the park, on the farm, and in their own backyard – whether furry or feathered, winged or wiggly, bumpy or cuddly, they’ll explore the Animals Around Me.

Level 3: Expression

  • World of Colors Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Book, Music CD and Parents’ Guide.

Parent and child share a rainbow of sights and sounds and discover the wonders of color together! They’ll join puppet host “Vincent Van Goat” as he creates six Van Gogh masterpieces exploring red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple with World of Colors.

  • World of Words Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Book, Music CD and Parents’ Guide.

Parent and child join playful puppet host Bard the Dragon on an exciting adventure using everyday words, such as flower, cat, and moon, plus beautiful scenery from nature with World of Words.

The first six Discovery Kits are available for purchase November 23, 2010 and three additional Discovery Kits will be available in early 2011. The Baby Einstein Discovery Kits have a U.S. suggested retail price of $19.99 and a suggested retail price in Canada of $24.99 CAD.

For more information about the Baby Einstein Discovery Kits and other Baby Einstein products, visit www.babyeinstein.com.

About The Baby Einstein Company

The Baby Einstein Company, LLC, is the award-winning creator of the infant media category. The company is known for its best-selling Baby Einstein brand of DVDs, books, music CDs and toys specifically designed for babies and toddlers. Baby Einstein products bring the arts and humanities to parents and babies through real-world images, music re-orchestrated for little ears and delightful puppet shows. Headquartered in Burbank, CA, The Baby Einstein Company is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. For more information, visit www.BabyEinstein.com.

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