Bold Debut Fantasy Fiction Leaves Readers at the Doorstep of a Life-Altering Power!

November 22, 2010

NEW YORK, Nov. 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Can one woman’s life-risking quest for a possession that is only merely rumored to exist change the fate of the universe? In a perilous fantasy world, a brave traveler has embarked on an urgent quest to find a lost icon that will transform not only her life, but the entire world. Can she decipher the clues about their whereabouts – and outwit her evil opponents – before it’s too late?

An explosive, ambitious, new novel, Dominion, richly explores this story line. It represents the successful debut of author Daryl Chestney. His writing style is vocabulary-rich and every page is filled with detailed descriptions to fully give a personalized depth to the story. His characters are well developed, yet seem mysterious and unfamiliar. His brilliant story unfolds at the pace of one’s imagination and explores a parallel world filled with darkness, violence, and mysticism.

The icon that is so coveted – known as the Rare Earth Stone – is linked to a practiced magic that is subject to death by the ruling state . Yet Lakif, the main character, is willing to make its possession — a life-long aspiration. She spends a tireless amount of time chasing down someone to serve as a mercenary, so that she can pursue her power-grabbing dream with some protection. But Lakif belongs to a class of people, known as Acaanan, who are deeply despised and seen as the lowest of the lowest. Every district views them as the personified harbingers of calamity, utter outcasts. Thus, she falters in seeking out a mercenary until she stumbles upon Torkoth, a Half-man who belongs to a race that is the sworn enemy of Acaanans. Torkoth seems to be lost and down on his luck and eagerly accepts the job of being Lakif’s guide. They join together, each feeling a sense of desperation and incompleteness.

It is the suspenseful story of finding one’s destiny, and of an underdog. Lakif is a minority who belongs to the most hated race of people. She is amidst a world that is burning out, filled with moral decay. She is someone seeking the promised land by unraveling the forbidden unknown.

Dominion, steeped in mythology and mysticism, also shows a biblical influence. Even the cover has an ecclesiastical feel to it, as if someone was walking through the Book of Revelations. It unfolds in a dark but riveting world. Lakif is a legend-chaser, hoping to grab hold of the iconic stone so she can possess its mysterious power that will help her light up the heart of humanity and transform the world into a better place.

The spine-tingling new novel (distributed by www.atlasBooks.com), is written in the best-selling fantasy tradition of Lord of the Rings and the mystery-solving tradition of The DaVinci Code, Chestney delivers a page-turner guaranteed to keep readers enthralled.

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