Terror For London, a Novel of More Than Suspense

January 18, 2011

MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif., Jan. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — It could have killed thousands when master terrorist Carlos programmed a woman and four men to sabotage London’s Underground railway system and stall countless trains in dark tunnels. Passengers would kill to escape lightless coaches and create the cornerstone of Irish Republican Army demands for immediate freedom for Northern Ireland.

For two million dollars, Carlos the master terrorist provided the method and five IRA “soldiers” were sent to London to make it happen. In this dramatic story of terror, and the single mistake that caused failure, you’ll find real people falling in love and losing it, a hard-nosed patriot, lost souls, and the deserter who suffers a most horrible punishment. Here’s genuine black-side life in a unique novel for modern times.

Sean is first to London and meets the city’s happiest landlady who bruises his head by horsey-backing while he’s fixing the sink. Gary clashes with his hated mentor, spends too much time in the library and loses a photograph from which police ID him as a former IRA leader.

Pat Burke, an unhappy lovely woman, views the assignment and its money as a means of escaping to the United States.

Peter, an austere loner and IRA spy sees it as fulfillment for dreams of doing heroic deeds.

Roddy travels to London via Paris, then becomes a total loser by deserting to suffer a most horrible fate.

On the day of attack, Sean is first to be arrested, just before reaching his assigned Underground station. He says little and the police learn even less. Gary is on time at his post but police bring him to a standstill when crippled Gary fights to escape. He collapses from age and exhaustion, only to learn that he is responsible for the failure.

Pat arrives on her passenger platform and becomes hysterical after realizing that children might be harmed by her actions. She runs to leave, stumbles, falls, and is crushed under the wheels of an incoming train.

Peter, least qualified of the five, succeeds in stopping two trains, which makes little impact on Underground operations.

And Roddy, who deserts his obligation, is caught by IRA strongmen to suffer the most horrible of punishments.

All this and more in “Terror For London,” a novel of fine fiction with dynamic overtones of the world as it really is.

“Terror For London” is available from Amazon and other online book services as ISBN 0910390169 (978-0-910390-16-3).

The Author: William Carroll, involved with books since 1950, has published about 140 of which he is the author of 35. His random travels have included all of Latin America, east and west Europe, the UK, New Zealand, China and nearly all of North America.

For review copies/interviews, contact William Carroll, phone/fax: 707-839-2400, email: nmpubs@gmail.com

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