Krav Maga is the Fastest Growing Self Defense System in the World…by Far! According to www.MaxKravMaga.com

January 18, 2011

MIDDLETOWN, Del., Jan. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — You may have noticed it in video games such as Splinter Cell and the Grand Theft Auto series, in movies such as the “Bourne” Trilogy or maybe one of your favorite celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Lopez or Matt Damon have taken up Krav Maga.

It’s no secret that Krav Maga or “Krav,” as it’s often referred to, is taking the world by storm. “With the explosion of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), we are seeing a surge in activity,” says Eyal Yanilov – Head of MG, one of the leading Krav Maga organizations in the world – with activities in over 23 countries. Eyal was featured on the cover of Black Belt Magazine this month -the Martial Arts industry “bible.”

“It is amazing to see the amount of students we have signing up each day from all over the world – we have members from over 50 countries,” says Lee Rivnay. “The demographics of our user base ranges all across the board,” adds Amir Student.

The two teamed up almost 2 years ago with Yanilov to create the internet’s most extensive online Krav Maga training website. “Working with a Krav Maga instructor such as Eyal has been an amazing process. Eyal doesn’t only teach just the moves, he also teaches the thought process behind each technique, so that our students get a whole self-defense system and not a catalogue of moves. What is also nice, is that the videos are integrated into Eyal’s teaching methodology in his classes worldwide -so that the techniques are the same. It’s great for people who want to learn Krav Maga but don’t have a class nearby, or want to have the ability to keep honing their skills even when they are away from the gym,” says Amir.

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