January 19, 2011

FloodMap(TM) Mobile Smartphone App Provides Instant Flood Hazard Information

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Considering purchasing property, but concerned about the flood potential? Need to estimate the cost of flood insurance? Tired of searching the Internet for reliable flood hazard information? The first-ever FloodMap Mobile app for smartphones answers these questions and many more, instantly summarizing flood risk information from FEMA, the nation's authority on flood mapping. With the FloodMap Mobile app, users have at their fingertips a full suite of tools that will allow them to assess a property's flood hazards in less than a minute to help keep businesses, family and property safe.

Josh Price, senior project manager for flood hazard management at PBS&J, says, "Few business and home buyers know about a property's flood risk until they sign the closing documents. Yet, federal, state and local governments have spent years creating detailed flood maps designed to create greater community awareness and prevent or mitigate potential disasters. With FloodMap Mobile, we've put the data and analysis on a smartphone so users can evaluate risk anytime from the phone that is already in their pocket."

Developed by PBS&J, FloodMap Mobile relies on the smartphone's GPS to pinpoint where a person is standing or allows the user to type in an address. The app opens a map of the area's FEMA-defined floodplains and summarizes additional data about estimated flood insurance costs, links to insurance agents, USGS and NOAA stream gauge records and links to critical FEMA information.

Doug Bellomo, FEMA's director of the Risk Analysis Division, remarks, "FEMA's Risk MAP program vision is to increase the quality of flood hazard data we produce as well as strengthen our public communication about the flood risks that U.S. citizens face, which ultimately leads to positive mitigation action."

FEMA has enabled flood hazard data quality by creating all flood hazard data in a digital format, which is more easily accessed than ever before.

For more on this, please see http://www.pbsj.com/Press_Room/Press_Releases/Pages/FloodMap%E2%84%A2MobileSmartphoneApp.aspx

For more information, contact Josh Price at [email protected].