Nixle Unveils Their Newest Campaign, WireWords for Businesses

January 24, 2011

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., Jan. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — After 21 months of great success with the free Municipal Wire service, Nixle is pleased to announce its newest venture, WireWords for Businesses.

In March 2009, Nixle launched the Municipal Wire, a government and public alerting solution which has now been adopted by more than 4,300 local, state and federal agencies in all 50 states! Nixle maintains clients in cities such as Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and San Diego who have all been successfully “Nixling’ hyper local imperative information to their residents. Nixle is also extremely proud to have become an integral part of the public communications and alert systems for both the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles Police Department.

“Nixle is proud to provide a service to America’s public safety agencies that helps find missing children, solve crimes, and keep the public informed and now we can extend that trust to American businesses!” said Stuart Williams, Nixle’s CEO. “Moreover, many clients are using Nixle as a solution to instantaneous inter-operable and intra-operable communications both within and across agencies.”

Nixle has now expanded that same exemplary technology to include businesses, from media companies, advertisers, retailers, and small-to-medium sized businesses. The basic subscription is $40 a month or $400 for 12 months for the price of 10. “With text messaging becoming the marketing wave of the future, Nixle’s trusted, secure and location based services are at the forefront of this exiting client contact and marketing medium.”

Tony, owner of Grotto’s Pizza (PA), says it worth every penny, “Our restaurants in Pennsylvania find working with WireWords easy and effective. Putting together a text program was simple and we are quite pleased with the results. Given the success we’ve experienced in our first year of working with WireWords, I know we’ll be utilizing this marketing tool for a long time to come.”

Nixle WireWords is an advanced mobile marketing service designed for businesses to send instant offers, discounts, and coupons to existing and new customers using the latest text messaging technology.

Teddy of ZJ Boarding House is a Nixle WireWords subscriber, “Nixle has provided us with a way to get more personal interaction with our customers. With WireWords, we can make our promotions even more dynamic and our customers get instant deals & coupons. We’ve even stoked out a few lucky winners with wetsuits, headphones and other prizes.”

Nixle continues their mission by providing information directly to the public, “Trusted by the People You Trust!” Nixle’s Municipal Wire is used by over 4,000 public safety agencies in the United States because of Nixle’s focus on security, reliability, and privacy. In an FBI Bulletin issued in July 2010, Nixle was applauded by the US Department of Justice for providing the most secure and most reliable tool for law enforcement to communicate with the public.

This past August, a 71 year old man was reported missing from his home in Pasadena. Thanks to Nixle’s community text alerts the man was found on a local city bus.

“This is an excellent example of how well Nixle works, and how well our community uses this technology,” said Pasadena Police Public Information officer, Janet Pope Givens. “We are happy that we had the additional medium in which to distribute the information which, ultimately lead to him being recognized and returned safely to his family.”

ABOUT NIXLE: Nixle was created in January of 2007 to design and develop innovative technologies for the public safety sector, the government sector, and the commercial sector. These unique communications solutions are in the area of public and internal real-time messaging. Our management and technical experience, along with the team’s analytical capabilities allow us to meet and exceed client requirements in the arena of public alerting and private SMS and application-based mobile communications.


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