How far are You Willing to go for Your Friend’s Stag Do?

January 28, 2011

HEREFORD, England, January 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Stag dos are getting
bigger and better with some best men going to the ends of the earth to give
their best mate something different for their stag weekend.

A higher number of stag parties jetted off to Las Vegas for the weekend
in 2010, possibly encouraged to go after seeing the infamous comedy The
Hangover that centred around three best men losing their groom to be during
the ultimate lost weekend in Vegas.

The Hangover Part II is released later in 2011 and this time it’s based
in Thailand. It will be interesting to see how the stag do weekend trade
increases in the Far East or whether stag parties will consider this a trip
too far for a weekend of frivolity.

What are best men planning and are there any restrictions?

DesignaVenture took a survey during the first two weeks of this year and
found out that that some best-men would go wherever the stag fancied going,
even if that meant Australia and it was just the two of them!

    - 27% of best men said they didn't have a budget and were willing to
    organise whatever and wherever the stag requested.

    - 21% said that they would discuss with the other stags to see what
    everyone fancied doing before firming anything up.

    - 19% of best men told DesignaVenture that they would adhere to a strict
    budget in order to get as many of the stags requested on board for the
    stag weekend.

Shockingly, DesignaVenture found that just over 29% of best men advised
that it was all down to them and that no one else would get a say!

The remainder of the best men interviewed didn’t have a clue where they
were going to do or what they were going to be doing. With so many people to
consider it’s not the easiest jobs being the best man trying to please
everyone. The average stag party can consist of fathers, in-laws, uncles,
friends from college, university and work colleagues so finding a balance
that pleases everyone can be tough.

DesignaVenture are the stag do professionals, organising stag parties
throughout the UK and abroad, so if you need a hand organising your own
legendary goodbye to bachelorhood then get in touch.

    Website ~ http://www.designaventure.co.uk
    Email ~ press@designaventure.co.uk
    Tel ~ +44(0)8456-43-22-44

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