August 5, 2005

Book by ex-NJ governor who resigned in gay scandal

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former New Jersey governor James
McGreevey is writing a book about his political career that
ended when he resigned last year after admitting a gay affair,
his publisher Regan Books said Friday.

McGreevey, a 47-year-old Democrat who was twice married and
has two children, quit the office in a news conference in which
he proclaimed, "I am a gay American," and admitted an affair
with a man he hired in 2002 to head the state's Homeland
Security department.

The man he said he had the affair with denied any
involvement with McGreevey and has alleged he was sexually
harassed by the governor.

"He will describe how he wrestled with his sexuality and
his faith -- from the expectations he faced as a young man, to
the divided persona he created in order to meet them," Judith
Regan, publisher of Regan Books, an imprint of Harper Collins,
said in a statement.

Regan did not say when the as-yet untitled book would be
published. A spokesman for the publisher declined to give
financial details of the deal.

In his resignation speech just days after last year's U.S.
presidential election, in which gay marriage was a prominent
issue, McGreevey apologized to his family but said he was proud
to be a "gay American."

McGreevey, who served less than three years of his 4-year
term, said upon retiring that his achievements included
improvements in education, environmental issues, and
progressive measures to conduct stem-cell research.

Republicans said, however, that his administration worsened
the state's finances.

Regan said in a statement McGreevey's book would be "an
unforgettable story of what happens when the public and
political collide with the personal."