Valentine’s Day: Grief Blocks Love, Says Grief Expert Aurora Winter

February 14, 2011

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Having trouble finding your Valentine this year? The real problem may surprise you.

Are you lonely that there isn’t somebody to share your life with? Are you disappointed with the people closest to you? Are you angry with your mate, your children, or your prospects? You’re not alone.

Loneliness, disappointment and anger are all symptoms of grief. Studies show that most people are suffering from unresolved grief.

“Divorce, death, and disappointments can all hurt your chances of finding love — without you knowing it. Unresolved grief blocks love. I can tell you from personal experience that no one wants to compete with a ghost,” said Aurora Winter, who founded the Grief Coach Academy after the sudden death of her husband at the age of 33. “People who have lost a spouse to death frequently yearn for their late husband or wife.”

But unresolved grief can also take the form of bitterness, resentment, or anger, all of which are common after a divorce or breakup.

“It is a very small step between resenting your ex and being bitter at the entire opposite sex – including your date. To find love, it is absolutely essential that people heal unresolved grief from prior relationships,” says Winter.

What is the most attractive thing to the opposite sex? The real answer may surprise you.

“The real secret of being irresistible to the opposite sex is not what most people think. The most attractive people are genuinely happy,” says Aurora, author of “From Heartbreak to Happiness.” “People want to be around happy people. Happy people get the best dates, the best jobs, and the best opportunities.”

Happiness can be dramatically increased. Scientists have discovered that an astonishing 40% of happiness is under our immediate, voluntary control. That is why the right coaching process can produce dramatic results.

“Happiness is feeling good about the present and optimistic about the future,” says Aurora.

Here are 5 tips to boost your happiness:

1. Keep a gratitude journal and write down three blessings each day. Focusing on gratitude will improve your mood.

2. Write a heart-felt thank you card to a mentor and give it to them. Share how they have positively impacted your life.

3. Write your own happy ending. Imagine that your life unfolds perfectly. What happens next?

4. Forgive others. Consider that they were doing the best they could with the wisdom they had at the time.

5. Help someone else. Helping others is one of the most powerful things you can do to boost your own happiness.

How do you resolve grief?

“Grief is resolved when we can accept the past and make peace with it,” says Aurora. “If you had a broken arm, you would take action. Yet people with broken hearts often do nothing. Don’t make that mistake. Attend a workshop or work with a professional, such as a certified grief coach. By taking the right actions, you can release grief, reclaim happiness, and attract new love.”

Many people suffer needlessly for years after losing a spouse to death or divorce. They believe the myth that “it just takes time.” It doesn’t just take time. It also takes the right actions.

At her seminars, Aurora helps people overcome their own grief and regain happiness. She also trains coaches how to help others. The next coach training seminar is April 8 – 10. By following a step-by-step action plan, people are empowered to release their grief quickly and methodically.

“If I can go from heartbreak to happiness, you can, too,” says Aurora.

Aurora’s book “From Heartbreak to Happiness” is her intimate diary of healing after her husband died suddenly at the age of 33, leaving her widowed with a 4-year-old son.

Dr. Wayne Dyer endorsed Aurora’s book, “From Heartbreak to Happiness.” “I read every page of this beautiful diary — it touched my heart and I’m sure it will impact yours.”

From Heartbreak to Happiness” is available as a complimentary ebook at http://www.AuroraWinter.com/gifts or http://www.FromHeartbreakToHappiness.com.

To learn more about how to help grieving people, visit http://www.GriefCoachAcademy.com and get a free CD.

About Aurora Winter

Formerly a film and TV executive producer, Aurora Winter has over a decade of experience with the media. Aurora is the founder of the Grief Coach Academy, which is dedicated to training coaches how to coach their clients through grief, and From Heartbreak to Happiness®.

She’s a popular guest on radio, TV and print, and has reached over a million people with her message of hope, healing, and happiness. She’s a sought-after workshop leader, coach trainer, speaker, and author.

Aurora co-stars with best-selling authors including Bernie Seigel (author of “Love, Medicine, and Miracles”) and others in the award-winning documentary feature film “What If.”


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