The MICROWAVE VISION Group, Manufacturer of High-Performance Telecom Test Systems, Presents StarMIMO, a new Solution for Testing Wireless Broadband Devices

February 14, 2011

PARIS, February 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ –

– MICROWAVE VISION’S product offering was expanded last year to include a
solution for MIMO, the new technology being adopted by all high-speed
protocols. A debut model is now operational at the office in Villebon, France.

Broadband test solutions

The MICROWAVE VISION Group, primarily French, achieved an enviable
international position with its unique, patented multi-probe technology that
is dedicated to measuring high-performance antennas. The Group’s technology
is already developed into a range of test solutions for systems of all sizes
and in all sectors using communication products: telecommunications,
multimedia, aerospace, automotive, civilian, military, etc.

MICROWAVE VISION is launching a new generation of measurement devices
dedicated to 4G (LTE, WiMAX), the newest mobile broadband standard. These
devices (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) include MIMO technology that
relies on multiple antennas at both the transmitter (e.g., a router) and the
receiver (e.g., a laptop) sites, to increase throughput or network coverage.

A strategic concern for mobile handset manufacturers

With MIMO wireless devices, manufacturers are faced with a new level of
complexity in antenna development and testing. MIMO technology requires that
antennas are tested in multiple configurations and multiple environments
(urban, rural, domestic, etc.) This presents a real challenge. A fast,
flexible test solution becomes a major asset in the design and pre-launch
testing phases of development.

Remarkable design

For years, MICROWAVE VISION delivered blue and yellow arches sized from
smaller than one meter to larger than twelve meters in diameter to industrial
customers. They have been used to test products of much larger or smaller
size, from smartphones to airplanes!

The new MIMO solution creates fully-immersive electromagnetic
environments for wireless devices. True to its political aims, MICROWAVE
VISION offers a range of solutions for MIMO measurement.

“MICROWAVE VISION’s goal is to offer high-performance antenna measurement
systems, and we are presented with a unique opportunity to propose high-speed
testing solutions that will become increasingly critical to the telecom
industry.” says Philippe Garreau, President, MICROWAVE VISION.

With this step, MICROWAVE VISION demonstrates its technological
leadership and dedication to innovation. Already, several companies have
expressed interest in this new solution.


MICROWAVE VISION (NYSE-Euronext: ALMIC) is a leading global manufacturer
of test systems and antenna measurement. Alternext, ISIN code FR 0004058949


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