Ultimate Custom Golf Cart Seats Define Stylish Comfort

February 15, 2011

ELKHART, Ind., Feb. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The anniversary of the Ultimate Golf Seating’s luxurious and uniquely designed, innovative golf cart seats confirms consumers preference for exceptional style and comfort.

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“I felt confident there was a market for our high end custom golf cart seats. The seats were designed to capture a niche of customers who desire superior quality and detail,” said David Vahala, CEO, Ultimate Golf Seating, with headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana.

“Our first year of selling golf cart seats has proven just that. Consumers across the United States are purchasing Ultimate Golf Seats and the reviews from them are very positive.”

More communities and individuals are turning to golf carts as a vital mode of transportation. Golf carts are not only used by golfers playing their rounds on the course. People take golf carts to neighborhood activities, to shop at local stores and kids even use them to get to school. Golf cart transportation will continue to grow for the golfers and families alike.

With this increased personal use of golf carts comes the individuals’ desire to customize their carts. There is a trend toward people purchasing private golf carts and adding many upgrade options to make their cart more stylish and useful. The Ultimate Golf Seats are designed to accommodate this customizing trend and desire.

Comfort, style, ergonomics and quality are the staples of the Ultimate Golf Seat. These seats are crafted to be posture correct and back supportive, coupled with comfort unmatched in previous golf cart seating.

“When you sit in an Ultimate Golf Seat, you will immediately appreciate it is one of a kind and unmatched in comfort and quality,” states David Vahala.

Ultimate Golf Seating has four styles of seats available, along with a palette of color selections. All of the seats can also be custom embroidered to include, for example, a customer’s favorite club or team. The Luxury Bucket and Luxury Bench seats look like the type of seats you would find in a luxury car. Both feature adjustable headrests and lumbar support, and fold-down armrests. The Luxury Bucket style offers a center locking console, while the Luxury Bench style offers a center fold-down armrest. The seats are made with high-quality, marine grade vinyl for proven durability, while underneath is a foam made of a superior resiliency polyurethane similar to high-end mattresses.

“Golf carts are outside a lot, so we wanted to use materials that are made to withstand UV rays, yet also be easy to clean with our Ultimate Stain Shield Protection coating,” said Vahala.

The other two designs, the Premier Bench Seat and the Elite Bench Seat offer the same quality of materials and comfort as the Luxury series, but are designed for fleet use.

Ultimate Golf Seating‘s innovative design will ideally fit most prominent golf cart brands,” said Vahala, “and they can be easily installed in just a few steps.”

Pricing for the seats is from $745 to $1295.

“Our seats offer a great alternative to standard seating in two important ways,” said Vahala. “How they feel for your back and how they look on your golf cart.”

Additional information about Ultimate Golf Seating is available online at www.ultimategolfseating.com or by calling toll-free at (888) 989-9887.

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