Kanon Organic Vodka and Bryanboy, Fashion Phenom Blogger, Invite You For The Ultimate 24- Hour Internet Fashion Experience

February 15, 2011

NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Kanon Organic Vodka and Bryanboy are linking up again for round two in delivering fashion week to the public through unique candid fashion moments. This season Kanon Organic Vodka has chosen to communicate fashion on a deeper level through “IT” blogger, Bryanboy. While designers are “LIVESTREAMING” their shows, Bryanboy will be “LIVESTREAMING” a day in the life of fashion week.

“Fashion shows are like The Wizard of Oz and people are always trying to get behind the curtain, what better way to do this, but through the eyes of fashion’s ultimate blogger,” says Kristian Mirsch, Global Marketing Manager. “We are looking to capture those visual moments and encounters that make fashion memorable, exciting and of course dramatic, while creating an unforgettable social media experience.”

Beginning on Wednesday, February 16th, at 9AM EST, check out the exclusive fashion week coverage that Bryanboy brings over a 24-hour timeframe on the Kanon Organic Vodka website (www.kanonvodka.com). Bryanboy will give viewers a, “Behind the Seams,” look at his fashionable life and the charm that has won over the likes of the elite; from photographer, Terry Richardson and designers such as, Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs to icon and Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour.

Offering viewers a more intimate look into fashion week, Bryanboy will give everything from fashion advice to trend forecasting and the opportunity to interact by tweeting questions to @bryanboy and @kanonvodka and voting on what parties he should attend; also featured will be surprise special guests including designers, editors and celebrities.

Kanon Organic Vodka, known for their innovative marketing and social media initiatives, keeps all of their fans up-to-date with custom, media-rich content through programs such as Friends of Kanon (FOK), which allows various influencers to guest blog on the site, connecting the brand with like-minded individuals through social media efforts. Kanon Organic Vodka uses these types of alternative methods to reach their target audience from photographers and musicians to artists and designers. The FOK’s blog, includes pictures and video content showcasing creativity, originality and visual moments captured by the individual.

With a rich past that dates back to 1580, Swedish brand Kanon Organic Vodka creates a completely organic and eco- friendly vodka. Kanon recently entered the American market and continues to expand distribution while sharing their passion for making great things, creating beautiful moments and saving the world, you can check out their website for further information, www.kanonvodka.com. Kanon Organic Vodka is currently available at select retailers in New York City and California. With a SRP of under $26 for 750 ML, Kanon is an affordable luxury you can feel good about drinking.

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