Hypertension, Low Immunity, Fatigue, Obesity and Depression Linked to Damaged Endocrine Glands by Halogens in Contaminated Foods, Sodas and Drinking Water, According to New Book by Fernando Robaina

February 22, 2011

NEW YORK, Feb. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — In the new book No more High Pressure: The Halogen Connection to Hypertension, The Slow Thyroid and The Most Natural Solution, the author claims that there are many scientific studies that show Halogens as the cause and root of many diseases affecting people in the US. Hypertension, low immunity, obesity and depression are originated by contaminated foods and drinking water. Such toxins are consumed by the gross of the population and produce damage to the endocrine system. The analysis shows what these contaminants are, where they come from, and a way to get them out from our glands.

High blood pressure (HBP) is a very risky and life threatening disease and no one can be considered free from it in these times. Statistics show one out of three Americans suffer from it.

There is no official cause found for this illness despite the billions made by the Pharmaceutical industry for treating it. How can you cure something that you can’t comprehend? This work points to the real cause of High Blood Pressure (HBP), what are the massive toxic agents that explain why HBP is such a “popular” disease?

The book reviews the regular drugs used for managing HBP and shows the myriad of their strong, dangerous side effects, points to the causal agents and a way to reestablish a natural balance.

Fernando Robaina, sociologist and medical researcher, finds a tight and incontrovertible link between polluted drinking water and (HBP).

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) acknowledges that to the present there are hundreds of toxics diluted in water. Many of these toxics are extremely dangerous to humans, even at amounts as small as one part per billion. Contaminated water and food gradually increases the amount of poisons accumulated in several organs and glands. These stop human life from functioning like the perfect machine that was initially created.

The kidney is the body’s main filter. Many scholars’ studies show the kidney’s structural parts bring clogged or disabled by halogens and 30 other specific aggressors. Most of these pollutants come within water and accumulate in people, triggering HBP.

Halogens come in multiple massively polluted foods in US, such as drinking water (bottled included), salt, bread, toothpastes and sodas.

Crippled by permanent and massive poisoning, human energy is reduced through the inhibition of the pituitary, thyroid activity and the immune system. A slow thyroid makes people prone to obesity. Depression and a weakened immune system make the body more likely to get affected by opportunistic parasites. Halogens are also strong carcinogens. Reduced body energy leads to various illnesses and, as a compensatory response, blood pressure is elevated. Everyone is affected in different degrees by this trend.

The pituitary master gland, thyroid, and adrenals are where these toxins accumulate hundredfold. Other main glands are also inhibited. Halogens exert a restrictive action on all hormone production and proper gland activity.

Body functions are regulated by chemical messengers (hormones) produced and secreted by inner glands. They are so important that you couldn’t recognize a son or a relative if some of these chemical messengers are missing. A man would start talking with a soprano feminine voice if testosterone is missing. A bright boy in school would act mentally retarded if his thyroid wasn’t working. A 10-year-old would stop growing without the secretion of HGH from the pituitary. A good man could act like a demon if the Pineal Gland isn’t working properly. The Immune system will stop working without the action of several hormones from the pineal, pituitary and thyroid glands. Your emotions would stop if your adrenals were impaired.

A way to flush out the concentration of toxins in our body is shown by reestablishing health. Healing action is attained with a natural protocol to extract such toxins from the body and glands.

The protocol shows what are the correct ingredients and supplements to flush out halogens and restore equilibrium. Restoring thyroid, adrenals and the pituitary to a correct state is critical to solve this situation. Gland activity restoration results in a metabolism increase, higher immunity, normal blood pressure and mood regulation.


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