Win Big in Stanford’s ‘Ultimate Burger Showdown,’ March 1-31

March 10, 2011

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — (http://www.stanfords.com) Stanford’s is excited to announce the ‘Ultimate Burger Showdown‘ co-sponsored by Widmer Brothers Brewery. The contest will earn top contestants much more than simply bragging rights.

Spring is just around the corner with grilling season hot on its heels: Now is the time to take on the challenge, fire up the grill and create a juicy burger that’s worthy of a big cash prize and gift cards redeemable at Walnut Creek Stanford’s, located at 1300 South Main, or at any other of the Stanford’s restaurants.

With both cash prizes and an abundance of Stanford’s gift cards on the line, the stakes are high to submit the best burger recipe.

As an additional reward, the top three winning recipes will be featured in Stanford’s restaurants during a June – July burger promotion.

                                           Stanford's Ultimate Burger
     -- What:                              Showdown
                                           Stanford's Restaurant and Bar
     -- Where:                             (http://www.stanfords.com )
                                           Burger supremacy and valuable
     -- Why:                               prizes
                                           1st place:  $2,500 cash prize
                                           plus $1,200 in Stanford's Gift
                                           Cards (1 per month for 12
                                           2nd place:  $1,500 cash prize
                                           plus $600 in Stanford's Gift
                                           Cards (1 per month for 6 months)
                                           3rd place:  $1,000 cash prize
                                           plus $300 in Stanford's Gift
                                           Cards (1 per month for 3 months)
                                           4th through 10th places:  Each
                                           winner will receive a $100
                                           Stanford's Gift Card
                                           Enter online at the
     -- When and How:                      official entry page
                                           Entries for the Ultimate Burger
                                           Showdown will be accepted until
                                           March 31, 2011. Recipes will be
                                           judged in April and the top 10
                                           burger recipes will be chosen by
                                           Stanford's. See complete rules
                                           and regulations at
     -- Final Cook-Off, Judging and Prize
      Ceremony:                           April 30, 2011, 1 - 4 p.m.
                                           The top three burger recipes will
                                           be selected by a panel of judges
                                           made up of local food experts
                                           and tastemakers and the chosen
                                           chefs will be invited to
                                           participate at a live cook-off
                                           sponsored by Widmer Brothers
                                           Brewery. The event will be held
                                           at Stanford's Kruse Way

                                           Each contestant will prepare his
                                           or her own burger recipe
                                           outdoors on a grill at
                                           Stanford's. They will present
                                           the burgers, plated with
                                           Stanford's signature hand-cut
                                           fries and a pickle, to the
                                           judges in a style similar to
                                           that of popular T.V. cooking
                                           programs, such as Top Chef.

“Stanford’s has always been synonymous with classic, American fare, and no meal represents the heart of the American menu as universally as a big, juicy burger with hand-cut fries and a pickle. We can hardly wait to see what contestants come up with and share those award-winning burger recipes with our guests,” says Chris Ideson, Regional Director. .

For more information about Stanford’s, please visit http://stanfords.com.

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