Bacardi Cruise Competition Announces Bacardi Bartender of the Year and Bacardi Chef of the Year

March 15, 2011

MIAMI, March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Sixth Bacardi Cruise
Competition announced this year’s Bacardi Bartender of the Year and Bacardi
Chef of the Year at an exclusive awards event at The Forge Restaurant in
Miami last night. Simon Blacoe of Royal Caribbean International was awarded
the Bartender of the Year title for his creation ‘O Bloody Hell’, made with
Grey Goose(R) L’Orange, while Anuroop Konikkara of Carnival Cruise Lines
claimed the Chef of the Year honours for his eye-catching appetizer,
‘BACARDI(R)LIMON(TM) Pillars of Glory’. Blacoe and Konikkara’s winning
entries were selected from five cocktail and five culinary finalists by a
panel of judges that included cruise line and industry executives.

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“The Bacardi Cruise Competition continues to support the cruise industry
and recognize the talent of onboard bartenders and chefs who are at the
forefront of the latest trends in cocktail culture and international
cuisine,” says Zachary Sulkes, Regional Manager, Bacardi Travel Retail
Americas. “Bacardi is proud to support the cruise and ferry lines in their
dedication to providing their guests with the best cocktail and cuisine

In cooperation with the Marine Hotel Association (MHA), Blacoe and
Konikkara were presented with crystal trophies and a cash prize of $5,000
each. The 10 semi-finalists from each of the cocktail and cuisine categories
were awarded $500 each. The MHA will also provide the two winners with a
five-day intensive High Performance Leadership course of study for cruise
industry professionals at Florida International University (FIU) School of
Hospitality & Tourism Management.

About the Sixth Bacardi Cruise Competition

The Bacardi Cruise Competition has supported bartenders and chefs onboard
ships since 2005. Year-on-year, the competition draws innovative recipe
entries from the best cruise and ferry line staff in the world and this year
saw a 77 per cent increase in the number of entries to the competition.

This year’s five cocktail categories were based on some of the Bacardi
group core brands, BACARDI(R) Rums and Flavoured Rums, GREY GOOSE(R) Vodka
and Flavoured Vodkas, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE(R) Gin, and DEWAR’S(R) Blended Scotch
Whiskies. The highly commended Signature Cocktail category – which changes
the essential ingredient each year – required the use of ginger, an
ingredient that has demonstrated a rapid rise in the mixology world. The
culinary side of the competition received entries for the following
categories: Appetizer, Main Course, Vegetarian Course and Dessert. For the
health-conscious food connoisseur, this year saw the introduction of a new
category – the “Healthy Heart” dish – which was low in sodium, saturated fat,
and/or cholesterol, as per the American Heart Association guidelines.

Bacardi Bartender of the Year and Bacardi Chef of the Year: Winning

O Bloody Hell

Simon Blacoe, Royal Caribbean International

The ultimate summer cooler, GREY GOOSE L’Orange delivers a burst of
orange, amplified by the richness of blood orange and orange liqueur. Fresh
lime lightens the mix and ginger ale adds a refreshing sparkle and harmonizes
the overall flavour.


    1 1/5 parts GREY GOOSE L'Orange
    3/5 part Blood orange puree

    3/5 part Cointreau(TM) Orange Liqueur
    2/5 part Simple syrup
    2/5 part Freshly-squeezed lime juice
    Top with Ginger Ale


Make simple syrup by dissolving one part sugar in one part water over low
heat. Place GREY GOOSE L’Orange and all ingredients, except ginger ale, into
a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a highball glass filled
with cubed ice. Top with ginger ale and stir well, add more ice if required.
Garnish with a blood orange fan or twist.

    Pillars of Glory
    Anuroop Konikkara, Carnival Cruise Lines

    Wonton Pillars
    3 Ready-made wonton sheets
    Crab salad
    15g Crab meat
    5g Shallots
    1/2 Red pepper
    1/2 Green pepper
    1/4 Bunch Cilantro
    5ml Lemon juice
    4 Cucumber batons
    Salt and pepper to taste
    Tropical Chili Sauce
    2 Red peppers
    1 Steak tomato
    1/2 Red onion
    1 Clove garlic
    1 Chipotle chili (smoke-dried jalapeno)
    10ml BACARDI(R) LIMON(TM) Flavoured Rum
    BENEDICTINE(R) Reduction
    15ml BENEDICTINE Liqueur
    5g Sugar
    2g Ginger

    Wonton Cannoli

Wrap wonton wrappers around a stainless steel cylinder (i.e. cannoli
cylinder) to create a tube shape. Fry until crispy.

    Crab Salad
    Roughly chop crab meat.
    Chop shallots, red and green peppers, de-seeded cucumber and cilantro.
    Mix all the ingredients with lemon juice and season with salt and pepper.
    Tropical Chili Sauce

Roast red peppers and tomatoes on a grill or under a hot broiler; once
outside is charred remove from grill and remove skin and seeds.

Soak chipotle in hot water to rehydrate, drain.

Chop onion and garlic and saute; deglaze pan with BACARDI(R) LIMON(TM)
Flavoured Rum.

    Blend all the above ingredients with soaked chipotle chilies.
    Season with salt and pepper and strain.
    BENEDICTINE Liqueur Reduction
    Put sugar and chopped ginger in a sauce pot and heat to caramelize sugar.
    Add BENEDICTINE and reduce to a thick consistency.
    Remove and strain out chopped ginger.
    Stuff the fried wonton tubes with crab salad.

Place three large dollops of tropical chili sauce in the centre of the

Place one wonton tube in the centre of each dollop; standing upright to
form a pillar.

Drizzle BENEDICTINE reduction on either side of pillars.

Garnish with kale lettuce, frise, spring onion and place lime and lemon
wedges on either side of the plate.

To learn more about the Sixth Bacardi Cruise Competition, please go to

Cruise and ferry line bartenders and chefs of legal drinking age wanting
to compete for cash scholarships, and the distinction of being named BACARDI
Chef of the Year and BACARDI Bartender of the Year are annually invited to
create inspired cocktail and culinary recipes using the Bacardi family of
premium and super-premium spirits. Recipes submitted need to include one of
the following products: BACARDI(R) (http://www.bacardi.com/%5Ct_blank) Rums,
BOMBAY SAPPHIRE(R) (http://www.bombaysapphire.com/%5Ct_blank) Gin, GREY
GOOSE(R) (http://www.greygoose.com/%5Ct_blank) Vodka and Flavoured Vodkas,
DEWAR’S(R) (http://www.dewars.com/%5Ct_blank) Blended Scotch Whiskies,
MARTINI & ROSSI(R) (http://www.martini.com/%5Ct_blank) Vermouths and MARTINI
& ROSSI(R) (http://www.martini.com/%5Ct_blank) Sparkling Wines, CAZADORES(R)
(http://www.cazadores.com/%5Ct_blank) Tequilas, as well as B&B(R)
(http://www.benedictine.fr/anglais/%5Ct_blank), DRAMBUIE(R) (
http://www.drambuie.com/%5Ct_blank), and DISARONNO(R) Liqueurs.


(c)2011 BACARDI



The Bacardi Cruise Competition is open to all cruise and ferry line
bartenders and chefs worldwide of legal drinking age. Citizens and residents
of the United States and Puerto Rico are excluded from participation in this
competition. Visit http://www.bacardicruisecompetition.com for more details.

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