Boogie Board(TM) LCD Writing Tablet Success Establishes Market for Dedicated Paperless eWriters

March 16, 2011

KENT, Ohio, March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Just a few short years ago, several companies introduced portable electronic products with reflective displays hoping to establish a market for dedicated paperless reading devices. The success of those products laid the foundation for today’s billion dollar eReader market.

With its launch in 2010, the award-winning Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet from Improv Electronics has established a market for a dedicated paperless writing device, or eWriter. Also featuring a reflective display, the Boogie Board tablet beat 2010 sales forecasts for North America/ Asia by 10 times and sold out production capacity into 2011!

Improv recently took several steps to build on this success. The Boogie Board tablet distribution network was expanded to include Europe, India, Australia, the Middle East and Latin America, six new colors were added, and launch plans were announced for several new Boogie Board tablet models and accessories in 2011.

The 2011 launches include the highly anticipated Boogie Board tablet with memory and PC connectivity. This revolutionary product will retain the ease of use and pressure-sensitivity of the original Boogie Board tablet while adding the capability to save a written or drawn image.

With strong demand in 2010 and working prototypes for new product launches in 2011, the Boogie Board tablet is positioned to be the eWriter market leader. Other eWriters require paper and ink and are more expensive (e.g., LiveScribe Smartpens, SolidTek digital notepads, iVistaTablet Digital Ink Pads). A recently-touted tech concept with a low price and extensive features generated significant consumer interest, but there is no evidence of a prototype or product development (http://money.cnn.com/2011/02/25/technology/noteslate/index.htm?source=cnn_bin&hpt=Sbin)

“The Boogie Board tablet has generated a tremendous amount of consumer demand for affordable eWriters,” said Dr. Albert Green, CEO, Kent Displays/Improv Electronics. “The recently publicized tech concept, while apparently not under development, has raised awareness and demand for eWriters that are environmentally-friendly, consume little power, and have the pressure-sensitivity and response of pen on paper. This demand validates our aggressive product development that will culminate in the launch of several new Boogie Board models this year. Our new tablets will include many of the additional features consumers desire such as a larger writing surface, memory, rechargeable/replaceable batteries and other form factors.”

Preorders will be accepted for the first new Boogie Board model on www.myboogieboard.com beginning in early summer. Preorder dates will be announced for all new models through the Boogie Board Web, Facebook and Twitter sites, blog and e-mail alerts.

The current Boogie Board tablet can be purchased at www.myboogieboard.com, www.amazon.com (search Improv Electronics), www.amazon.co.jp and many other online resellers around the world. Go to www.myboogieboard.com/buy-now for a complete list. It can also be purchased at retail store locations in the U.S. (Brookstone) and Japan (Joshin, Yamada Denki, Kojima, K’s Holding, Don-Q, BIC Camera, Yodabashi, Edion, Meruzen Stationary, Culture Convenience Store, GEO, and Office Depot).

About Improv Electronics

Improv Electronics was formed in 2010 as the consumer products subsidiary of Kent Displays. Founded in 1993, Kent Displays, Inc. is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of Reflex No Power LCDs for unique, sustainable applications including electronic skins, writing tablets, smartcards and eReaders.

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