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Bet During the Royal Wedding!

April 5, 2011

LONDON, April 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

– Bodog Will be Offering Live ‘in-Running’ Betting on the Length of the
Sermon, Friday 29th April

In a world first, the largest online betting brand in the world, Bodog*,
will be offering odds during the Royal Wedding on the length of the Bishop of
London’s sermon (currently trading at over or under 6m30s). Bodog will also
offer a whole host of bets on the wedding itself including;

    - The length of Kate's train (over/under 3 metres): 10/11
    - Kate's headwear: Tiara 10/11, Flowers in her hair 6/5, any
      other 4/1
    - Colour of Queen's hat: Blue 4/1, Pink 5/1, Purple 6/1,
      Cream/beige 8/1
    - Kate to say 'obey' in her vows: Yes 8/11, No Evens
    - Rain during the service: Yes 11/10, No 4/6
    - The colour of Kate's bikini in the first honeymoon 'papped'
      shot: White 2/1, Black 5/2, Cream/Beige 4/1, Blue 4/1, Green 4/1, Red
      6/1. Any other 5/1
    - William &/or Kate get 'papped' naked on honeymoon 16/1

Live betting is now commonplace in most sports events and so it makes
sense that the Royal Wedding which will be enjoying blanket coverage from
every major network around the world be given similar status. Ed Pownall,
Global PR Director for BodogBrand.com, stated: “I would expect the Royal
Wedding to be the biggest non-sports betting event of the year.”

* Independent research shows Bodog to be the biggest online gaming brand
in the world according Google Alerts:

For further information please call Ed Pownall, BodogBrand’s
(http://www.bodogbrand.com) International Press Officer (London), on

SOURCE BodogBrand.com

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