Henry Business Solutions CEO Pat Poyle Reveals Secret to ‘Intellectual Talent Mentoring’ in New Book

April 12, 2011

BIRMINGHAM, Mich., April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — “More than any other business asset, intellectual talent will drive the next economy and every business leader should be taking stock right now to prepare for emerging business opportunities,” says Henry Business Solutions CEO Patricia Henry Poyle, a co-author of Business DISCovery: Success Secrets from the Men and Women Who Make Things Happen. Never before has so much knowledge and wisdom been compressed into seven easy-to-read chapters.

Poyle points out in the book that companies should be preserving and developing their most important assets – employees. In the chapter, Intellectual Talent: Use or Lose It, she acknowledges that nearly a quarter of the U.S. population will reach retirement age within the next decade leaving as much as a 25 percent gap in Intellectual Talent that savvy business leaders must prepare to address.

Laid out in a clear interview style, Poyle provides specific examples of familiar companies that have mastered the art of discovering and leveraging the expertise of their employees in order to maximize contributions and assure company success.

“The idea of improving a company’s intellectual talent by mentoring is new and has been developed in response to the high performance demands of today’s post-Internet world — a world in which speed to market is the hallmark of success,” Poyle explained.

“What every business owner and manager needs to realize is that without sufficient intellectual talent a company may not be robust enough to meet opportunities as they arise. So, just as fixed capital is always increased through investment, this is true of intellectual talent,” she continued.

In light of today’s changing business paradigms, Poyle recommends that business leaders seriously consider finding an experienced, certified business mentor/strategist that they trust to help them discover, develop and deploy the intellectual talent within their business. This will allow companies to plan for the effective transfer of skills and knowledge to future workers and enhance the current work force.

As CEO of Henry Business Solutions, Pat Poyle is the dynamic leader of one of the nation’s premier coaching firms. With an expertise in business strategy and intellectual talent mentoring, Henry Business Solutions provides new ways to gain competitive advantage in the post-Internet world. Founder of Henry Business Solutions, Poyle is a Certified Behavioral Consultant, Senior Mentor, licensed One Page Business Plan Consultant and tested Fortune 100 Business Strategist. To learn more about Henry Business Solutions and Business DISCovery: Success Secrets from the Men and Women Who Make Things Happen, please visit: http://www.henrysolutions.net. The book is also available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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