FilmOn Delivers Live High Definition Television Directly to Facebook

April 12, 2011

LOS ANGELES, April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — FilmOn.com, the first online High Definition Television provider, announced today it has created an API for Facebook to provide the Facebook community with the ability to share their favorite FilmOn channels with each other through the online community.

FilmOn is the first online Cable provider that allows users to share live TV via the Facebook Community.

Facebook and FilmOn users can visit www.filmon.com and choose a cable package to watch. Then users click on the Facebook share button to send the live TV stream to their friends on Facebook. The link below, as an example, shares an HDi stream of BBC News from the FilmOn platform.


“FilmOn is excited to provide Facebook users with the ability to share their favorite TV channels on their friends’ Facebook Wall,” said Alki David, chairman, FilmOn. “The FilmOn API shares with billions of Facebook members what thousands of current FilmOn subscribers already know–that live TV is available online and through their mobile device, for very low monthly subscriber rates, eliminating the need for traditional cable TV.”

FilmOn Mobile does not require an application download. It works seamlessly with each device’s media players using FilmOn’s proprietary encrypted service, broadcasting live television in HD over a basic 3G connection.

FilmOn recently added 22 cable channels, expanding its content offerings for consumers as the largest and first online and mobile cable company. FilmOn currently carries more than 40 channels of live content including 4 Music, Al Jazeera, BBC News, Biz Television, BVM (Bohemia Visual Music), Clubland TV, Dayton Area Sports Television, Dubai Sports, Fashion TV, Flaunt, Frost Cutlery, Havoc TV, I Urban TV, Ion Life, KOEC (PBS), KTLA (The CW), Motorz, My Family TV, NASA TV, R Squared Films, Rai Sport, Scuzz, TVE Spain, Viva, Russia Today and WPIX (The CW). FilmOn also carries a number of their own exclusive content channels including FilmOn Movies, Sports, Docu (Documentary), Drama, Horror, and adult content.

FilmOn subscriptions start at $14.95 ($19.95 with adult added) or $149.95 yearly ($199.95 yearly with adult added). The FilmOn Web cable television service is delivered through the freely downloadable multi-platform HDi player or in Flash or app free to mobile devices.

In addition, FilmOn provides subscribers with the ability to stream up to six movies from FilmOn’s nearly 40,000-title film library per month. FilmOn.com streams videos in high definition and utilizes proprietary video compression technology to achieve high quality even over basic broadband connections.

ABOUT FilmOn.com Inc.

FilmOn.com Inc. was founded in March 2009 by FilmOn.com Plc, a Berlin-listed company (2F0A-BER) and is operated independently by a dedicated U.S. management team with offices in Los Angeles and London.

Battlecam.com (http://www.Battlecam.com), is the 24 x 7 live reality community TV channel of FilmOn.com.

SOURCE FilmOn.com

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