Louis Murphy Arrest Highlights Epidemic Levels of Secret Viagra Use

April 13, 2011

NEW YORK, April 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The recent arrest of Oakland Raiders wide receiver Louis Murphy for illegal possession of Viagra came as no surprise to James Franklin, president of Field Glass Films and producer/director of the upcoming documentary Viagra Monologues: Tales of Sex, Money and Medicine.

“When filming the first interviews for Viagra Monologues, we found that while many single men would discuss their use of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra on camera, most said they would not tell their sex partners about their use of the drugs,” said Franklin.

To see if this was actually a trend, and not just behavior particular to these men, an online survey was conducted. The results were startling. “While it is known that men take Viagra and similar drugs recreationally,” Franklin said, “the extent and the covert nature of their use surprised me.”

Of the 176 single men responding to the online survey, more than half admitted to having used these drugs recreationally, many of them continuously. Furthermore, almost 80 percent of those recreational users rarely disclose their use to women with whom they are sexually involved.

In this case, Murphy, 30, explained to the police that the pill bottle had no label because he did not want his girlfriend to know that he was taking Viagra.

Franklin has a theory about this behavior: “When sex is just sex and unrelated to a deeper emotional involvement, the situation becomes rife with competitiveness and performance anxiety. These drugs’ ability to insure erections and prolong the sex act lessens that fear. In fact, they can be seen as anti-anxiety medications whose continued use can lead to functional addiction in which men are unwilling or unable to perform without their use.”

Viagra Monologues: Tales of Sex, Money and Medicine is the first film to examine the effect of Viagra and similar drugs on America: sexually, medically and financially. The issue of secret use is but one of many that the film explores as it surveys the landscape of “sexual enhancement” in today’s America.

The film, which will include dozens of interviews from users and their partners, doctors, pharmaceutical industry people and their critics is scheduled for theatrical release in the fall of this year.

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