Polar Introduces BodyAge 5, Helping Individuals to Reach Their Fitness Goals

April 13, 2011

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., April 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Polar (www.polarusa.com), the leader in heart rate monitoring and fitness assessment technologies today introduced BodyAge® 5, an integrated solution – available at health and fitness clubs nationwide – that analyzes a full range of health and fitness indicators, providing club members with a clear picture of their physical body age in comparison to their chronological age and overall fitness.

The BodyAge 5 software includes a questionnaire that evaluates a club member’s current physical activity level and medical history, in addition to a series of tests that determine their cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, flexibility and body composition. Based on this information, the software creates a personalized fitness report, a customized cardio and strength training program and a health risk appraisal – giving them the tools they need – such as nutrition and prevention tips to reduce the risk of heart disease, stress and diabetes among other health-related issues.

“It’s critical that individuals have a complete understanding of their overall health and fitness before starting any exercise program – whether it’s to lose weight or train for their first marathon,” said Jeff Padovan, President of Polar USA. “BodyAge gives individuals better insight into their current health and fitness and provides an exercise program customized to their specific needs and training goals – all while helping to motivate them to achieve their goals.”

Polar Cardio Coaching®

With the integration of Polar Cardio Coaching in BodyAge 5, personal trainers can design a personalized heart rate-based training program that can be uploaded to a club member’s Polar training computer such as the RS300X, FT60 or FT80 among others.

The Cardio Coaching program also helps to increase a club member’s accountability in reaching their exercise targets and ultimately their fitness goals. After a few weeks of training, club members download their exercise files into BodyAge and receive a new training program based on their current condition and objectives. This two-way data communication between the software and Polar training computer allows the club member and their personal trainer to track their progress and analyze the results, helping to motivate and keep them focused.

Strength Training

The strength training program, also included in BodyAge 5, allows personal trainers to design a workout that is unique to each club member including sets, reps and starting weights, based on a club member’s fitness and goals for gaining more strength and muscle mass. The customized strength training program – compatible with the Polar FT80 training computer – can be uploaded to the unit, so individuals can start their program immediately. Similar to Cardio Coaching, after a few weeks of training, members download their files into BodyAge and receive a progress report and new strength training program based on their current condition and objectives.

About Polar

Headquartered in Lake Success, NY, Polar USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Finland-based Polar Electro OY, which invented the first wireless heart rate monitor (HRM) in 1977. Polar now operates internationally in more than 80 countries. Polar heart rate and fitness assessment technology delivers unparalleled insight into the human body from valuable training guidance and feedback, to enabling individuals to improve their fitness level and sports performance. Polar technology is key to the success of leading fitness facilities, athletic teams, corporate wellness facilities, health insurance providers and thousands of physical education programs around the world. Today, Polar training computers are the number one choice among consumers worldwide. For more information, visit www.polarusa.com.

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