The Very Essence of Chinese Paintings is About Spirit

April 18, 2011

BEIJING, April 18, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — In a recent interview with Jingang Tian, Shaohua Yao discusses how contemporary Chinese painting art has ushered into an unprecedented thriving period.

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Shaohua Yao is renowned for tiger paintings, and is now rising as another master after his teacher Shuangan Hu. His works are thought to have achieved an exciting breakthrough in the techniques of painting tigers. His unique style has injected fresh blood into this motif of traditional art so that it can be carried on.

“I never say no to innovation. I insist on tradition in order to preserve and promote the time-honored history of Chinese culture.” said Yao, when he was interviewed on April 18, 2011.

Chinese paintings are considered as the crystallization of the brilliant 5,000-years history of Chinese traditional culture and the embodiment of the spirit of the Chinese nation. They reflect not only various objective existences, but also the feelings of painters themselves and the trend of the times they are in. The tigers Yao painted are in the right position to tell how his inner world resonates with national spirit of the time in his pursuit of a harmony between human and nature. The paintings are the reflection of what’s inside the painter’s heart as well as his life experiences. Through tigers, he expresses his emotion and great ambitions; he voices his own opinion on life’s ups and downs; and marvels at the glamour of life vitality. He depicts the bravery and power of tigers but he actually intends to sings praise of the prowess of our country and, more importantly, the persistence, endurance and pioneering spirit of our nation.

“The essence of Chinese paintings is about spirit — a crystal of traditional Chinese culture and the best representation of the spirit of the Chinese nation,” said Yao. The soul of Chinese paintings is “concept”. Only with true feelings can a profound concept be created and the artworks become infectious and touching

“The art should keep pace with the times” Yao’s works, conveys the spirit of our times featuring forging ahead with determination, which is so compelling that it’s not only echoed by the older generation but also has a profound influence on the younger one. He is a real artist, an extoller of the times and the spokesman of Chinese national spirit.

SOURCE Jingang Tian

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