Hammacher Schlemmer Introduces the Best Electric Grill

April 19, 2011

NEW YORK, April 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Continuing its 163-year history of offering The Best, the Only and the Unexpected, Hammacher Schlemmer introduces The Best Electric Grill because it achieved the highest and most consistent temperatures and cooked The Best tasting food in tests by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute.

The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute is a not-for-profit corporation established in 1983 to research, test, and rate products objectively and without commercial bias. After extensive side-by-side comparison testing of leading products within a specific category, the Institute awards The Best title to the model that outperforms all other candidates.

The Best Electric Grill reached an average temperature of 617.2 degrees F–259.6 degrees F higher than a competing model. The Best model’s temperature varied only 5 degrees F across the cooking surface, unlike lesser grills that demonstrated a variance of up to 126.6 degrees F.

The grill’s stainless steel grates have integrated electric heating elements that produce powerful, direct heat. Coils below the grates generate even, radiant heat to ensure thorough cooking.

A chef was commissioned to test the grills, and The Best model cooked hamburgers and chicken breasts that the chef described as “moist with a true grilled flavor,” unlike other grills that “didn’t heat evenly” and produced inferior grilled food.

The Best Electric Grill was the only model that automatically monitored the cooking process and notified the user when the food was done.

“The Best model allows users to input the type of food being grilled, its thickness, and the preferred level of doneness using the LED screen,” explained Sheri Camarata, Manager of Product Research for the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute.

“Based on this information, the grill automatically chimes when it’s time to turn the food over and when it’s finished cooking.”

The Best model has a 216″ sq. cooking surface that holds up to six 8-oz. filet mignons. It scored the highest for features because it was the only unit with a hot dog roller that rotates automatically, it has a removable searing plate that accommodates vegetables or eggs, and it has two 13″ x 11 3/4″ prep shelves.

The Best Electric Grill is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $699.95. For more information about this product, please visit www.hammacher.com/81091 or contact Trish Hammond at (847) 581-8987 or via e-mail at pr@hammacher.com

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Hammacher Schlemmer is America’s longest running catalog, offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected since 1848. The company provides unique products that solve problems or represent the only one of their kind, backing all products with The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee. Hammacher Schlemmer’s innovative offerings are available through its catalog, website, and its famed landmark store on East 57th Street in New York City.

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