The Changing Security Situation in Maghreb May ‘Refresh’ the Euro-Maghrebian Relations

April 21, 2011

PRAGUE, April 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Maghreb region currently faces
a distinctive combination of security threats – socio-political
transformation sparked by the recent wave of pro-democratic movements, the
frozen border disputes and territorial conflicts which seriously undermine
all efforts at regional integration. This changing security situation in the
Maghreb is analyzed by an international expert team lead by Dr. Daniel
in a newly released research paper entitled ‘The Changing Security
Situation in the Maghreb’.

According to the research paper, a reconsidered and tailor-made European
approach to the Maghreb region would foster its stability and support mutual
prosperity. It argues that, in light of the growing instability in Northern
and also many shared interests, the EU should take a greater interest
in the Maghreb and place its relations with this region at the top of its

The bottom-up nature of the pro-democratic protests should induce the EU
to rebuild its approach to the Maghreb to henceforth focus more on the
complex human security. The research paper also calls upon the Central and
Eastern European countries to launch an “experience sharing process” with the
Maghrebian countries because they could provide a useful model for the
democratic transition in this region.

The paper also raises the question of Western Sahara when it argues that
finding the final solution to this long-drawn-out dispute between Morocco and
Algeria would be a major boost for the stability and security in the Maghreb.
The 2007 Moroccan autonomy initiative for the Western Sahara region, recently
elaborated in a speech by Morocco’s King Mohammed VI, could be seen as a
credible alternative to the continuing deadlock.

The research paper ‘The Changing Security Situation in the Maghreb’
provides a unique and complex analysis of the recent situation in the Maghreb
region from the European perspective. The full version of the research paper
published by the Association for International Affairs is available at:


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