2ndNature Launches U.S. Outdoor Sports Weather Website

April 22, 2011

SYRACUSE, N.Y., April 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — 2ndNature, a Syracuse-NY-based interactive design studio, has announced the launch of ScoutLookWeather.com–an outdoor sports enthusiasts detailed weather reporting and forecasting website with up-to-the-minute weather for over 400,000 geo-coded locations throughout the lower 48 states. 2ndNature provided the site owners, HuntLogix, LLC, with complete Identity System, Brand development, Website Design & Development, Web Application Design & Development, Social Media deployment, and on-going website maintenance and press release design and distribution services. A BETA version of the site was launched in November of 2010 and recently re-launched as version 1.0.

ScoutLook Weather (www.scoutlookweather.com) provides “Pinpoint Weather–better than zipcode forecasts” for hunters, fishermen, golfers, campers, snowmobilers, skiers, and many other outdoor sports enthusiasts with free custom weather reports, interactive maps, and weather tools to forecast the weather for specific outdoor sports.

Weather data is provided by several weather sources including, NOAA, NWS, and includes Google Geo-coded, latitude-longitude-based Location Maps with the capability for users to add their personal “My Locations” as map pins anywhere in the lower 48 states. Each pin can provide the most current weather conditions for that zip code or city name, address, etc., for the specific outdoor sport of the user.

Some of the weather tools include:

  • Driftpoint — A fisherman’s Wind Map that will show the direction of your boat drift and wind speed on any body of water within 5 miles of shore over a 72 hour period. Fishermen can use Driftpoint before heading out to get to the best spot for the conditions without wasting time.
  • ScentCone(TM) Wind Map create and save locations while toggling through wind shifts for the next 72 hours. Compare locations and choose the best hunting spot based on wind speed and direction.
  • Ski Conditions at every US Ski Hill, with weather conditions at the hill of course!
  • Snowmobile trail maps — an integrated national trail map database allowing snowmobilers to view all maintained trails & weather forecasts at any point on any trail
  • SetZone — a Waterfowler’s Wind Map that will show the upwind landing area for ducks at your blind location, throughout a 72 hour period, allowing for proper visual planning of the best location to set blind & decoys to “play the wind” to your favor.
  • ScoutPics–Photo Share Your Adventure: With the ScoutPics feature, users can upload digital photos to create albums and share them with anyone through email. It’s simple, free to use, and a great way re-live a day in the bass boat, in the tree stand or on the slopes!

ScoutLook Weather also has a website-associated staff of some of the nation’s leading outdoor professional sportsmen, sportswomen, and athletes who provide sport-specific tips and endorsements of ScoutLook’s weather tools. The Pro Staff includes NHL star Scott Stevens, the LPGA’s Suzy Whaley, Wildlife Biologist Dr. Harry Jacobson, ESPN’s The “Outdoor Adventure Magazine” TV series bow hunter Tom Miranda, professional B.A.S.S. fisherman Scott McGehee, expert fly-fisherman Aaron Adams, and athletes Gerry McNamara and Tim Green, amongst others with more being added soon.

Future services to be offered by ScoutLook Weather include mobile device applications, interactive user-logbooks, and several exciting ScoutLook maps for further layers of weather details important to every outdoor enthusiast.

Joel Fairbank, Owner and Studio Director of Business Development, has coordinated studio resource allocation, project management and client relations support of the overall initiative.

ABOUT 2ndNature

2ndNature is a multidisciplinary design studio that specializes in interface design and motion graphics for interactive and digital media. We develop 3D models and animation, graphical user-interfaces (GUI), multimedia/motion graphic presentations, mobile device applications, web, interactive cd/dvd, digital signage content, touch-screen kiosks and sound design for broadcast and interactive media. We also design graphic identities and branding collateral for both digital media and print to clients throughout the U.S. The firm is located in Franklin Square, an historic landmark district, in Syracuse, N.Y.

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Joel Fairbank, Studio Director
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