Cookbooks Party: The Next ‘Paris Cookbook Fair’ Will be March 7-11, 2012

April 28, 2011

PARIS/>, April 28, 2011/> /PRNewswire/ — Everyone is writing cookbooks, from stars to non profit organizations. Gwyneth Paltrow/> and Eva Longoria/> now have published their cookbooks. Jamie Oliver/> sells millions, and becomes the second British contemporary best selling author behind the Harry Potter brand. The new social media of the digital era have helped multiply the authors and buyers of cookbooks, with many authors such as Gwyneth being experienced food bloggers.

Corporations are jumping in, with cookbooks from Coca Cola and Kraft Foods to Lufthansa Airlines and Bimby. Cookbooks bring together all communities, actors, celebrity chefs, non profit foundations or schools. There are more and more fund raising and charity cookbooks.

The Peko Peko charity cookbook raises funds for the Japan/> earthquake relief effort. Peko Peko means “I’m Hungry” in Japanese. It is the call of the millions whose food is threatened by disasters and climate. The best cookbooks now focus on health and sustainable food. The “Best Cookbook of the Year” for the “Gourmand World Cookbook Awards” is Me’a Kai, Come Eat in Maori, published by Random House New Zealand, for the sustainable foods and tourism industry of the Pacific Islands. One hundred and fifty four countries participated in the last “Gourmand Awards.”

It was announced on April 28/> that the next “Gourmand World Cookbook Awards” will be March 7/> in Paris/>, for the opening of the next “Paris Cookbook Fair, March 7-11, 2012/>.” The party is open to all, and can already be tasted on the three minutes fun food video on youtube.


For more information, please contact Edouard Cointreau/>, President – Gourmand World Cookbook Awards , Tel: +34-91-541-67-68 – edouard@gourmandbooks.com

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