Venetian Jewelry Importer, Direct from Venice, Sparkles with Niche Custom Product Line

April 29, 2011

GAITHERSBURG, Md., April 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to satisfy growing client demand, Tom Dickenson and his company, Direct from Venice, have reached exclusive agreement with a classically trained expert Murano glassmaster to sell individual one-of-a-kind pieces of the artist’s own design, as well as to design custom jewelry according to specific client request. This represents an unprecedented entrance into the custom world of Murano jewelry, previously available only by visiting Italy itself.

Murano glass jewelry has been treasured in Venice, and throughout the world, since its beginnings in the 9th century when glass beads were used to trade with Asian, Muslim, and African neighbors. Those who have been fortunate enough to visit Venice, and the island of Murano, have seen the sparkling beauty that is Murano glass. From the delicate to the imposing, from home decor to jewelry, creations of classically trained Murano artisans are loved far and wide.

This unique collaboration offered through the “Private Collection” at Directfromvenice.com is limited only by the artist’s and client’s creativity. From vivid jewel tones wrapping a modern choker, to delicate pastels strung gracefully tapering to a pendant, the possibilities are truly endless. Already-created pieces range from $375 – $450, with pricing based on factors including complexity of design and number of individual “beads.” The artist ensures each piece remains one-of-a-kind by marking the item with a unique identifier — visible only on close inspection by trained personnel — and registering it with the regulatory board for Italian jewelry. From a collector wishing to complement a special outfit to a spouse or parent wanting to express their love through jewelry, the “Private Collection” offers an unparalleled opportunity.

Mr. Dickenson has long-embraced all things Italian and brought his idea of a shop “For Memories Yet to be Made” to fruition following a family trip to Venice several years ago. After extensive research he determined that there was a need for an online jewelry outlet offering only the finest Murano glass wearable pieces. Dickenson formed relationships with long-standing glassmasters whose families have been creating stunning works for centuries. Since its inception in 2008, Direct from Venice has offered a wide range of exquisite jewelry and individual beads to complement any collector’s taste. The newest relationship with the artist who creates for the “Private Collection” is simply a natural extension of Dickenson’s desire to share the beauty of Venice with his jewelry clients, but in a customized, individual way. As one of Direct from Venice’s clients, Karyn A. states, “Beautiful, original designs as unique and classy as those who wear them.” The coupling of Dickenson’s service-oriented philosophy with this niche opportunity to own a completely unique piece of wearable art puts Direct from Venice in a jewelry case of its own.

Photos and additional information available at http://directfromvenice.com.


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