Vision Media Marketing Creates Political TV Ad Using Rap Music

May 5, 2011

SECAUCUS, N.J., May 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – Vision Media Marketing Inc. (VMMI, http://vmmi.net), a full-service public relations and media consulting firm based in North Jersey, today announced it has created and is airing a political ad using rap music for one of its clients, Nick Sacco for Mayor.

The ad’s unusual approach, repeating a chorus of “I don’t know where you be from, I be from North Bergen, son,” conveys many of the positive changes in North Bergen since Mr. Sacco became mayor including safe neighborhoods, low taxes and a high school being considered for a national award. A wide variety of ethnic groups, senior citizens, blue-collar workers and executives join in the rap music beat to sing praises of the town under Mr. Sacco’s leadership.

Paul Swibinski, President and Principal of Vision Media Marketing, said, “We needed to find a way to break through the standard format and clutter of positive and negative political ads to really make viewers listen to the real achievements Nick Sacco has brought to North Bergen. The idea of a rap ad represents just one of our many creative approaches over the years to help elect incumbents and challengers alike.”

Mr. Swibinski went on to cite other political pieces using a lighter touch to make their point. In the past, the company has lampooned national political figures such as Sarah Palin and Arnold Schwarzenegger in order to grab the listeners’ attention and drive home hard-hitting messages. The current ad, Sacco and the People, can be viewed at http://vmmi.net/media-room/video-clips/sacco-and-the-people/.

Vision Media Marketing produces award-winning audio and visual ads and places them with an in-house media buyer. The company also encompasses an entirely independent corporate public relations firm specializing in crisis communications, with experience representing government agencies, private-sector clients and labor unions.

Vision Media also recently started a new blog, VMMI Policy Perspectives, available at http://vmmi.net/blog, and distributes a quarterly newsletter to clients, colleagues and other interested parties.

For more information, please call Philip Swibinski at 201-864-0600, email philip.swibinski@vmmi.net or visit http://vmmi.net.

Philip Swibinski
Vision Media Marketing, Inc.

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