Adform Augments Advertisers’ Campaign Knowledge With User Involvement

May 12, 2011

COPENHAGEN, May 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — User involvement has never been
particularly widespread for evaluating online advertising, but Adform, the
digital marketing company, is about to change that. The AdSurvey tool, which
was developed in partnership with the market research institute YouGov, gives
advertisers fast and invaluable knowledge about consumers with a stronger
message as a result, and thereby a better starting point for effective

AdSurvey, which is an integrated part of Adform’s online platform,
provides qualitative answers to how a banner ad is received by a particular
target group. The tool can be used before, during and after a particular
campaign has been run. The answers are supplied by selected members of
YouGov’s online panel, which counts more than 2 million people worldwide. All
the results are benchmarked, so advertisers can see whether consumers’
responses vary in relation to other AdSurveys within the same business sector.

“The AdSurvey product is very positive – the tool supplies us with
valuable campaign input, helping us to understand the decisions we make on a
daily basis. The ads can be seen in a better context when they are compared
to industry norms,” explains Hagen Pettersen, Strategic Director at Futatsu

The company has used the Adform solution to assess the qualitative values
in a banner campaign for the automobile manufacturer Subaru. The result was
150 detailed responses about a campaign for four-wheel drive cars, only two
days after the test was ordered online. DSB has also used AdSurvey to
evaluate campaigns through its media agency OMD.

“User involvement is not just a hip word, as companies can improve their
profits by streamlining their campaigns through AdSurvey. It takes not much
more than a couple of minutes in front of the screen to order a test, and the
responses can, in addition to honing or changing the message in an ad, give
more insight into the target groups with which you are working. And it is far
easier to avoid making mistakes in campaigns,” says Lars Anthonisen, Adform’s
Marketing Director.

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About Adform

Adform is a leading international supplier of products and services in
digital marketing. Founded in 2002, the company now has offices in London,
Hamburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Milan, Wroclaw, Vilnius, Prague, Madrid and
Copenhagen. For further information, please visit http://www.adform.com.


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