Craig Schelske and Former Dancing with the Stars Darling Sara Evans Returning to Court over Child Custody

May 16, 2011

WASHINGTON, May 16, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Craig Schelske heads to family court in Franklin, TN Tuesday seeking more parenting time with the children he and country music singer Sara Evans share.

“I love my kids. They need me and their mom. Spending four days a month together is not enough time, for them or me,” Schelske told American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC) executive director Michael McCormick.

Schelske recently received an apology and settlement from Evans’ attorney, John Hollins, Sr. after filing suit over comments appearing in People magazine. “These actions harmed the good relationship my children and I once enjoyed,” says Schelske.

“Sara and I are both good parents. For my children to have lost their dad as a result of legal shenanigans which encourage conflict and reward mud-slinging benefits no one. My case happens to be public, but what’s happened to me is happening every day to good parents caught up in family court,” added Schelske.

Schelske approached the court seeking more time with his children while Evans is touring this summer. Schelske maintains the children will be better off on his Oregon farm surrounded by family and friends. “There’s no need for the kids to spend time ‘on the road’ in a tour bus with the accompanying lifestyle when they can be with their dad,” adds Schelske.

Comments ACFC’s McCormick (www.acfc.org): “Sadly, a variation of this scene plays out over 4,000 times a day across the nation. We do a disservice to children when we unnecessarily limit the time they spend with a loving parent.”

In addition to the children spending the summer with him, Mr. Schelske will be asking the court to allow him to speak freely about the case. He says he is currently barred from correcting public misperceptions surrounding the story. He believes that, and his lack of time with the children, is damaging their relationship.

An upcoming study by Arizona State University researchers suggests the public is ready for the type of custody arrangement Schelske seeks in his own case. “‘The striking degree to which the public favors equal custody combined with their view that the current court system under-awards parenting time to fathers could account for past findings that the system is seriously slanted toward mother, and suggests that family law may have a public relations problem.’” (ASU News, 5/3/11)

The children at the center of this controversy have two caring parents. It’s time to ask: “Just whose interests are served by denying these kids a full relationship with both parents?”

For interviews and media requests with Craig Schelske and Michael McCormick contact Jane Spies at 202 330-3248 or jspies@acfc.org or info@acfc.org.

SOURCE American Coalition for Fathers and Children

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