May 24, 2011

Ebyline Launches Video/Audio Capabilities Expanding its Reach into Radio and TV; Publishers Can Now Use Platform to Feature Multimedia Content

LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Ebyline, an online platform for publishers to more efficiently manage freelancers and content syndication, launches new video and audio capabilities to its services portfolio. This addition expands the Ebyline platform to include transmission of multimedia content for television and radio producers, while also providing a robust opportunity for online publishers to enhance text with multimedia assets including podcasts and stand-alone video material.

"Publishers and broadcasters are rapidly evolving from traditional news outlets to digital media companies," said Bill Momary, CEO and co-founder of Ebyline. "The addition of video and audio capabilities to our already full-featured text offering will help newsrooms of all types cater to the digital world."

This service expansion saves broadcasters time and resources, while also enhancing their content and creating new potential revenue streams. Broadcast media and independent producers now can use Ebyline's platform to buy and sell multimedia content on an a la carte basis, just as publishers do through the platform.

For the first time, broadcast stations will gain a virtual newsroom tool--like their newspaper counterparts--that automates the administrative tasks of working with freelance producers. Ebyline streamlines the managing of assignments, tracking drafts and editor feedback, and processing payments for broadcasters.

Scripps Television Station Group and Scripps Newspapers will use Ebyline to work with their current roster of independent video producers, as well as forge new relationships with high-quality freelancers.

"During this period of media transition, Scripps television stations are differentiating themselves in their markets by actually increasing the quantity and quality of the journalism we offer our audiences - whether the screen is on a television, computer or mobile device," said Adam Symson, vice president of interactive for Scripps' 10 television stations. "Ebyline's technology helps us deliver superior reporting and storytelling across multiple platforms in a cost-efficient manner."

The process is simple: independent content producers can upload their mp4, m4v and mov files to Ebyline's site for free where it is previewed by a station producer or publication editor. This includes content such as an audio and/or video file accompanying an assigned written story, performed tape-synchs and recorded audio from a breaking event. The payment process is automated once the editor or publisher purchases the video or audio files. There are no subscription fees or upfront costs for either party. Other benefits of the platform include:

  • Ebyline's platform saves broadcasters and publishers the costs of transcoding audio and video.
  • Ebyline eliminates the need to store large volumes of native video or audio files on the media outlet's internal servers as this is managed via the platform at no charge.
  • Ebyline's professional freelancer qualification process helps producers and editors hire high-quality, experienced independent content producers and videographers.
  • With the intuitive web interface, producers/editors can easily organize and manage video and audio files.
  • No need to create invoices because the virtual newsroom automatically creates invoices and pays freelancers.
  • Easier record keeping including archives of all pitches, assignments and payments.
  • The platform's marketplace allows independent producers to pitch and sell their completed work to qualified publishers, editors and producers looking for high-quality video and audio content.

Ebyline's audio and video capabilities for its online platform are available immediately to subscribers at no extra cost.

About Ebyline

Ebyline's secure online platform is a new way for publishers and independent professional journalists to work together to create and deliver high-quality news content to the benefit of all. This includes the ability for freelancers to showcase and sell their work and for media outlets to reduce their fixed costs through Ebyline's virtual newsroom environment. The virtual newsroom automates all freelancer administration including assignment/ pitch flow, tax management and payment processing. Ebyline also provides incremental revenue opportunities through its marketplace product, designed to facilitate the a la carte sale of news content for buyers and sellers. Founded by veterans of the Los Angeles Times and specialists in new content distribution opportunities, Ebyline's partners include Internet Broadcasting, Los Angeles Times Media Group, The American Independent News Network and more. The company is based in Los Angeles.

SOURCE Ebyline