Out-of-Work Executives: Are the Economy and Ageism Really to Blame?

May 25, 2011

SEATTLE, May 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The economy can be largely blamed for the 2.5 million executives pushed out of the workforce, but why are still so many looking for work? It’s not just the recession, and it’s not really about the age of the executive.

Times have changed. Executives can no longer expect to be tapped by a high-end search firm for their next job. It is their responsibility now and for their remaining career to craft and manage their online presence – correctly positioning themselves to be found, validated, and interviewed by employers.

“The technology and strategy of executive search has changed so much in the last 3 years,” says author Colleen Aylward, president of executive search firm Devon James Associates, “that these execs couldn’t possibly have kept up if they were seriously heads-down working at their jobs.”

In her book “From Bedlam to Boardroom,” Aylward opens her 20-year recruiting vault and details critical strategies and tactics for being found for senior jobs. Having interviewed over 12,000 job candidates, she doesn’t sugar-coat.

“Today’s employers are hiring, but they are not hiring ‘Chiefs of Generally Everything’ or executives who ‘think it would be fun or the next great challenge,’ or people with ‘transferable skills,’” says Aylward. “Employers are hiring niche authorities, plug-and-play specialists – those who have fixed the same problem many times in different ways.”

Relying on the buddy network is a bad idea, as is the one-page-fits-all resume document. Additionally, full disclosure is a new and unsettling concept for executive job seekers.

Says Aylward to her clients, “Hiring companies want to know, and have ways to find out, everything about you before you go in. In fact, they often do heavy due diligence on candidates before they even make the first shortlist.”

After implementing only a few of the book’s suggestions, one financial executive wrote: “My online profile search to visit ratio has sky-rocketed. I am enjoying a new, prominent position in the search engines, at the level that I want to be found. Never having had to market myself before, I am now receiving requests for interviews from high-quality companies who want to start a conversation and see where it goes.”

From Bedlam to Boardroom can be found on Amazon and other online book retailers: http://bit.ly/BedlamToBoardroom.


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