Moving Bits USA , New Documentary and Motion Graphics/Animation Production Company, Launches In USA

May 26, 2011

ARLINGTON, Va., May 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Documentary production company Baney Media, has announced that it has joined forces with Singapore’s premier production firm, Moving Bits, to form Moving Bits USA.

The company will add to its existing stable of documentary production new services like motion graphics, visual effects and 3-D animation. Moving Bits USA will offer clients a complete creative service offering under one roof.

Moving Bits brings together over 60 years of experience and film and video, advertising, and visual effects awards across the world. Their work has aired in dozens of countries.

Moving Bits USA, will have 22 employees worldwide. These include three motion graphics artists and five 3-D artists, to create a seamless combination of ‘live’ footage, visual effects compositing and graphic & 3-D animation, all by one team.

“With us, you’ll only have one throat to choke,” said Tim Baney, Executive Producer of Moving Bits. “Whether it’s a location shoot, an animation, or a mix of both, we’ll do it. From scripts to style guides, to storyboards, to animation and graphics, you’ll have one team working on your show. We know that broadcasters demand outstanding creative and good pricing.”

Moving Bits in the US market is anchored by a veteran American creative team who has produced documentaries that have aired on National Geographic, Discovery, Smithsonian, PBS, and many other TV networks. In Singapore, Moving Bits consists of concept creators, scriptwriters, producers, editors and animators.

“What’s most exciting to me is the depth we will be swimming in,” says Chief Creative Officer, Chew Ping-Nan. “With our bigger talent pool, we can offer clients deeper capabilities. We’re talking about new perspectives on story-telling, a richer flair of editing and animation styles, a wider range of wacky ideas. That’s what it takes to produce stuff that’s original.”

“With the Singapore office starting work on a project just as the Arlington half winds down, productivity will hit an all-time high,” said Chief Executive Officer, Jay Soo. This is truly a company that doesn’t sleep!”

In addition to the broadcasters, the client list includes the World Bank, Kiplinger Personal Finance, Raffles Hotels and Resorts, Universal Studios, Kenya Power & Lighting Company, and others.

For more information contact:
Tim Baney
Executive Producer
Moving Bits USA
703-578-FILM (3456)
Mobile: 202-669-6871

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