In Search of Insectosaur! Black Flag® Launches Nationwide Hunt for America’s Biggest Bug

June 3, 2011

CHICAGO, June 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — In the Jurassic period, dinosaurs roamed the planet, that is until a huge meteor crashed into the Gulf of Mexico plunging the earth into darkness and bitter cold…one of the few survivors: BUGS! Now as warm weather welcomes more than barbeques and ballgames, it’s also the time when insects are hatching their annual comeback plan. This year it’s going to pay to look before you squish, as the battle of the bugs just got interesting. Black Flag®, America’s first name in insect control since 1833, is launching a nationwide search for America’s biggest bug. Sixty insectophiles will be awarded with prizes and money.

Got a roach the size of a small dog…moth, spider or other pest on steroids? Be brave and get close enough to snap a photo to claim the bug bounty. All entries will be judged on pre-set criteria. To enter the photo contest, visit www.blackflag.com for details, official rules, and entry form. The contest runs from June 1st through August 5th.

Entries must include:

  1. Bug photo with Black Flag® product in the shot.
  2. Brief description including the size of the bug.
  3. Name the creature (the more creative the better).

Black Flag® is sponsoring the contest to draw attention to their broad arsenal of effective do-it-yourself solutions. With Black Flag’s proven formulas and applications, virtually any insect problem, large or small, can be resolved. For helpful how-to videos and to learn more about keeping your environment pest-free, visit www.blackflag.com.

For more information, contact:
Rebecca Tuohy, LKH&S
(312) 595-0200 Ext. 112

SOURCE Black Flag

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