Digital Dazzle Video to be Featured at the 1st Global DIY Summit 2011 During Home Depot Co-Founder Pat Farrah’s Lifetime Award Acceptance Speech

June 6, 2011

MILL VALLEY, Calif., June 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Dazzle’s video entitled; “The Future of Retail” will be featured at this week’s 1st Global DIY Summit 2011 during Home Depot Co-Founder Pat Farrah’s Lifetime Award acceptance speech. The video will be unveiled to the public at digitaldazzle.com after the awards ceremony on June 9th.

Hosted by EDRA (European DIY Retail Association), GHIN (Global Home Improvement Network), FEDIYMA (European Federation of DIY Manufacturers), and the Conference Group on June 8-9 2011 in Brussels, Belgium, the 1st Global DIY Summit 2011, entitled; “One World – What will shape the future of home improvement worldwide”, will be the largest ever global event of its kind for the home improvement industry.

The exciting high point of the conference will be the presentation of the 1st Global DIY Lifetime Award to charismatic Pat Farrah, who is the co-founder of Home Depot and the inventor of the DIY “big box”. Understanding the power of video, Mr. Farrah will show Digital Dazzle’s “The Future of Retail” clip during his acceptance speech. The video grabs attention with suspense, intrigue and humor and takes the audience on an entertaining journey into the future to illustrate how the world of shopping is undergoing a sweeping transformation. One of the key messages of the video is the following; “Driven by technology, the web, mobile devices, social networks and the search for ever-richer experiences, retail is becoming more and more customer centric, where, given an array of shopping enhancement options, customers decide how, where, and when they want to shop.”

In today’s fast moving, competitive, and complex business environment, savvy business leaders, like Pat Farrah, are using captivating videos to hasten audience engagement and understanding for superior influence.

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