Brazil Business Today’s May 2011 Business Review

June 8, 2011

Business Review from Brazil Business Today

SAO PAULO, June 8, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Brazil Business Today — While on the one hand Brazil was welcoming more foreign investment and a host of dignitaries during the month of May, on the other it was embroiled in a bitter trade dispute with neighbor Argentina.

In its “May 2011 Business Review”, Brazil Business Today analyzes major Brazilian business happenings of import to the international business community, including:

  • Walmart’s promise to invest $755 million;
  • Kraft Foods’ plans for $200 million of investment;
  • The merger of two Brazilian groups which will create the world’s largest wholesale supplier of orange juice;
  • Plans by both HSBC and UBS to grow their retail banking businesses in Brazil;
  • And Brazil’s fight for emerging markets to have a voice in the choice of new IMF leader.

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Brazil Business Today editor, Phillip Lee, provides analysis of news and events in Brazil important to foreign investors and the business community. Mr. Lee has extensive expertise in the complexities and ambiguities of developing economies. He is based in Brazil, and is currently a partner with an international advisory firm assisting companies entering this dynamic market.

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