For Many High School and College Graduates this Summer, Vacation Offers An Opportunity for Transitions…and…Plastic Surgery

June 8, 2011

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., June 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Due to recent advances in the plastic surgery field that provide natural results, more young people are seeking plastic surgery procedures now more than ever before, particularly breast and nose shaping. Often the two are performed in combination to facilitate one recovery instead of two separate ones. Many parents are even giving the gift of plastic surgery to their sons and daughters as a graduation present. Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, has dedicated much of his work and teachings to ethnic rhinoplasty and rapid recovery breast augmentation. Students who want to look and feel their best during the summer are seeking out combined nose surgery and breast augmentation more often. Many ethnicities, particularly of Persian descent, decide to have their noses shaped during the summer after graduation, and parents see this as the opportune time to support them.

While plastic surgery has long been associated with a painful and lengthy recovery period, new surgical techniques are allowing patients who undergo a procedure to recuperate much more rapidly. This especially applies to Beverly Hills breast augmentation surgery. Using specialized techniques and philosophies on breast size, analysis, and pocket dissection, Dr. Ghavami performs the “Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation” procedure, which allows most patients to recover within just 24 hours. Dr. Ghavami even encourages his flash recovery breast enhancement patients to even go out to a movie or dinner the night of the procedure. The key behind the remarkable recovery time is the use of heat dissection to create a breast pocket for the implant, as opposed to blunt pulling and jerking which is the more commonly used method. By more precisely heat-cutting through the sub-muscular tissue, tissue trauma is minimized and thus the tissue is able to heal sooner. The quick recovery means that young patients are able to enjoy more of their summer to the fullest without having to limit movement due to pain or soreness.

Beverly Hills is home to a diverse racial population, and Dr. Ghavami’s expertise in performing “ethnic rhinoplasty” has made him a trusted surgeon for patients of Persian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, and African descent who want natural results without stereotypical stigmata of the overdone/weird nose. Dr. Ghavami understands that the glamorized European nose shape doesn’t fit everyone’s features. As with all the procedures he performs, special attention and effort is put into creating a result that achieves perfect harmony with other features, whether it’s a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction or a buttock augmentation. For some graduates this year, a fast (flash) recovery breast augmentation and rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills may make the perfect combination for newfound self confidence and an unforgettable summer.

A contributing writer to numerous plastic surgery publications and a consultant for numerous TV programs, Dr. Ghavami’s passion for the field of aesthetic plastic surgery is sincere. A good number of his patients even fly in from other parts of the country or overseas in order have their procedures performed under his hands. Summertime allows for easier travel from locations such as the UK, Canada, South America, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. Every patient gets the care and attention needed to ensure a thoroughly successful operation that allows for full enjoyment of the summer season. A keen understanding of aesthetics and a commitment to natural, organic results means that patients are able to achieve a look that is complimentary, yet consistent with the rest of their features and lifestyle.

To learn more about different procedures for Beverly Hills plastic surgery with Dr. Ghavami, including open rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, buttock augmentation and more, please visit online at www.Ghavamiplasticsurgery.com

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