The Revelation of Man: A New Novel That Explains The Enduring Survival and Existence of Homosexuals If They Don’t Naturally Reproduce

June 14, 2011

WASHINGTON, June 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — A fundamental question regarding man’s existence has been left unanswered by science and religion for over two thousand years. As homosexuals don’t naturally reproduce, their gene pool is not further advanced. So, how do we explain their enduring survival and existence? What if their existence served a necessary or divine purpose?

If we’re to believe Darwin’s laws of evolution, the mere presence of homosexuals is an impossible outcome. On the other hand, organized religion provides no explanation only to declare homosexuality an abomination. But what if the earth’s population began to decline at an increasing rate? What if straight men suddenly but steadily began declaring themselves gay? What if a young government researcher discovered genetic evidence to support this phenomenon? What if an evangelical preacher stumbled upon this same evidence and used it to proclaim Revelation?

The answers to the above questions can be found in The Revelation of Man. This riveting novel describes the journey of two desperate men as they seek to unravel the interconnectivity of sexual orientation, genetics and Revelation. Though they live and work worlds apart, their converging lives allow them to reveal answers that lay beyond anyone’s imagination.

The Revelation of Man can be purchased from most E-Book sellers including Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

SOURCE David Schweon

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