ZeeVee Announces New HDbridge Product Line

June 15, 2011

LITTLETON, Mass., June 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Today ZeeVee, Inc. announced the creation of a complete new product line, aimed at making on-premise HD broadcasting of multiple channel lineups far more affordable and easier to deploy. Based on ZeeVee breakthrough Generation-3 video processing and broadcast technology, the HDbridge line is designed for environments such as hotels, health clubs, casinos, sports bars and any other application where a large number of HD channels need to be deployed. The cost of building a head-end just became far more affordable, and is approaching the cost of prior-generation analog modulation.

“Although our industry-changing ZvBox product line shattered the cost of building an HD cable channel, our partners have told us that we need to make deployment of large channel counts like those used in hotels more affordable, and easier to install and manage,” said ZeeVee’s co-founder and CEO, Vic Odryna. “Our new HDbridge line was developed by closely working with our partners to make sure that every opportunity for improvement was captured. “

“Until now, private cable operators serving hotels, hospitals, corporate centers, MDUs and other high channel and screen count environments were unable to deploy HD primarily because of the cost and complexity,” said Rob Narzisi, Sales manager at Advanced Media Technologies, a master distributor of ZeeVee products. “The HDbridge line changes all of that, delivering affordability, ease of deployment, while allowing for the use of standard off-the-shelf HDTVs.”

The HDbridge line is based on a modular architecture. It starts with a rack chassis that can contain up to eight modules, each of which creates an HD cable channel. These channels are combined and amplified in the rack chassis, providing a single point of connection for the installer, as well as a single AC connection. Each module accepts an HD component video input, digital audio – optical and coax, and a closed-caption input. It is designed to connect directly to Satellite and Cable receivers and requires no complex configuration. The broadcast channel can be set via a simple front button interface, or remotely managed by a newly developed web interface.

Modules come in three different maximum resolutions – 1080 (HDb-620(TM)), 720 (HDb-520(TM)) and 480 (HDb-420(TM)), allowing the selection of appropriate price/performance for the project. The HDb-420 allows broadcast of premium content in full digital DVD quality while still respecting the rebroadcast requirements of content owners. The HDb-420 can be field upgraded in the future to 720p HD resolution via a simple to execute firmware update for a modest fee.

The entire HDbridge line is available immediately from ZeeVee’s distribution partners.

About ZeeVee

ZeeVee, Inc., uses broadcast and cable technologies to develop products for distributing HD Video sources at game-changing cost points. The new HDbridge(TM) line serves private cable operators with medium to large channel counts, while the ZvBox® product line is ideal for lower channel counts in applications like digital signage, advertising and residential video distribution.

For more information, visit www.zeevee.com

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