John Cleese Breaks Free in Funny TomTom Videos

June 20, 2011

LONDON, June 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

TomTom has launched its global Break Free campaign. In a series of
hilarious videos John Cleese, the star of Fawlty Towers and other classics
like Monty Python, is trying to break free from yet another awful traffic
jam. Cleese gets frustrated and acts in his traditional silly manner. He
might just act as a selfish bastard!

To promote the new traffic service in a big way, TomTom has collaborated
with John Cleese to create unique and funny “Break Free from traffic”
sketches. The music is perfectly matched to the theme of the videos using
the ever popular Queen ‘s hit “I want to break free”.

Are you done with the routine in boring traffic jams? The horrid routine
of stop-starting, horn-honking, clock-watching and foot-aching traffic? Well
TomTom’s revolutionary HD Traffic service helps you Break Free from traffic,
with its central brand messaging.

People that love the genius of John Cleese or melodies of Queen’s “I
want to break free” can see more of the exclusive videos on TomTom’s
Facebook page or via AdStract’s Facebook page
[http://www.facebook.com/pages/AdStract/177600778941151 ].

What is exciting in these videos are the many local markets that also
have their local celebrity starring in a “Break Free” video.

The videos from the United Kingdom feature Chris Kamara who misses the
match while being stuck in traffic as well as Scott Mills who prank calls in
his car while killing time in the traffic jam.

Check out the video here.

John Cleese and the Selfish Bastard – A TomTom Break Free sketch.


In the local video from France, Bob Sinclar is trying to break away from

The Dutch videos feature new star Pearl singing “Break Free” and Oboema
Voodoo Master also tries to break away from traffic.

Other local videos from Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Italy are available on
the web.

The campaign has been live across many social media sites for a few weeks
and reached more than 2 million views so far.

The online viral video campaign has been presented by
http://www.AdStract.com, the leading Video Ad Network.

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viral campaigns.

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