JAGTAG Announces JAGTAG QR Code Face Off Contest

June 21, 2011

NEW YORK, June 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — JAGTAG (www.jagtag.com), the U.S. leader in mobile 2D barcode advertising, today announced that it is holding a JAGTAG QR Code Face Off contest. The contest asks entrants to submit proposals and incorporate JAGTAG’s QR code into a brand’s marketing campaign and compare it to a generic QR code’s performance.

The contest is aimed at marketers and agencies to incorporate JAGTAG’s QR code, the only QR code in the world that can be scanned or sent, into a brand’s marketing campaign and compare it to a generic QR code’s performance in the same or similar marketing campaign.

“JAGTAG’s unique QR code offering enables brands and agencies to reach a larger audience regardless of the consumer’s device type,” said Ed Jordan, CEO, JAGTAG. “The JAGTAG QR Code Face Off contest is an opportunity for marketers to see for themselves exactly how JAGTAG stands up to the competition.”

First place winner of the contest receives JAGTAG’s mobile platform for free, which includes creation of JAGTAG(s), access to JAGTAG client services, complete reporting metrics and best practices solutions. Second place receives a free JAGTAG-powered QR code with one return content, (value $6,000).

JAGTAG’s Jordan added, “I have often been asked who JAGTAG’s greatest competitor is and I still have the same answer, it’s confusion, confusion in the marketplace over which 2D bar code best delivers results. The JAGTAG QR Face Off contest is our attempt to come to terms with that question and clarify leadership.”

JAGTAG is accepting proposals through July 1st, 2011. Winning campaigns will be activated after September 5, 2011. To learn more about the JAGTAG QR Code Face Off contest, visit http://www.jagtag.com/blog/jagtag-qr-code-face-contest.


JAGTAG is the only mobile 2D barcode solution that does not require the consumer to download an application prior to use and the only mobile medium that can successfully deliver optimized multimedia to both standard phones and smart phones. Anywhere a mobile consumer encounters a JAGTAG, they can use their phone to request and receive multimedia content (video, audio, pictures, text) sent immediately to their phone. To learn more, visit www.JAGTAG.com.

MEDIA CONTACT: Elpi Paradiso, +1-609-367-9911, elpi@jagtaginc.com


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