The Secret to B2B Mobile App Success? Custom Content.

June 23, 2011

SALEM, Mass., June 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — B2B companies’ use of mobile apps to reach their customers is nothing new, but B2B companies using mobile apps strategically and according to industry best practices — that’s largely unchartered territory. While many consumer-facing companies have mastered the art of offering users value and entertainment through interesting content, ecommerce, games, video, GPS features, and the like, businesses that cater to other businesses largely default to thinly-veiled promotional apps — if they offer apps at all. Enter King Fish Media (www.kingfishmedia.com), an integrated marketing company based in Salem, Massachusetts, and its new iOS and Droid app “The Kings of Content(TM).” The Kings of Content app, now available for free on iTunes and coming soon to the Android Market, features an exclusive and regularly-updated marketing podcast series.

The Kings of Content app comes hot on the heels of King Fish Media’s recent mobile research, which reveals that marketers are looking to mobile for customer engagement and relationship building. Capitalizing on their own research findings, King Fish Media set out to create an app that would show rather than tell prospects and customers about the company’s various capabilities while simultaneously engaging them. The Kings of Content app accomplishes this by offering target users value that’s in line with the way they use their devices: to consume content on the go.

Each five- to seven-minute podcast is presented as a discussion between King Fish Media President Cam Brown and Director of Marketing & Research Gordon Plutsky. The co-hosts share tips and advice for brands looking to use custom content to “become the media.” Weekly topics include “How to Reactivate a Lapsed Customer,” “Why Quality Content Matters,” and “What CMOs Think About Content.”

“Creating a worthwhile mobile app is a large undertaking — one that requires B2C sensibilities such as clever messaging, packaging, and audience targeting — so it’s not surprising that B2B companies often make the mistake of creating apps that offer no more than the content of their websites,” said Brown. “Our goal was to offer users value through exclusive, entertaining and educational audio content that also reinforces our overall platform and company services.”

In addition to the Kings of Content podcast series, the app is loaded with original content including the “What Do Marketers Think?” research series, a new ebook on “How to Choose the Right Marketing Agency” and case studies; as well as the company’s live Twitter feed and real-time updates from its ThinkTank blog.

King Fish Media hopes to reach high-level brand managers and C-level professionals at prospect companies, as well as increase engagement with its current customer base. The Kings of Content app is available for free in the iTunes app store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-kings-of-content/id441293383?mt=8.

About King Fish Media

King Fish® (www.KingFishMedia.com) is an award-winning integrated marketing agency with services ranging from interactive (websites, social media, mobile apps, email) to custom magazines and direct mail to events (webcasts and live) and marketing analytics. From conception to implementation, King Fish Media helps its clients drive sales and grow revenue by delivering the right content to the right media channels, the right way. Having won numerous awards for integrated marketing, proof of return on investment, content, and design, King Fish has created profitable programs for companies such as Albertsons, BabyAge.com, Bank of America, BBVA Compass, IBM, Keurig, Nuance, Source Media, Stop and Shop, Trend Micro, Verizon, Zappos, and others. The King Fish ThinkTank blog was named one of the leaders in content marketing by Junta42, and its new “Kings of Content” app is now available free on iTunes.

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