Linked Response Mobile Marketing Technology Converts Inquiring Patrons Into Real Ones

June 27, 2011

CALGARY, Alberta, June 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Just a few weeks into Ed Johnson’s official launch of Linked Response (http://www.linkedresponse.com), and already he’s making a name for himself in the local market thanks to his new, progressive approach to providing mobile marketing services. Linked Response fills a specialized marketplace niche by helping businesses, charities, and other clients develop targeted, successful mobile marketing campaigns. Capitalizing on powerful, innovative uses for QR codes, which were created in 1994 to track automotive parts by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave, Linked Response specializes in creative uses of 2D (two dimensional) QR codes, SMS text messaging and proximity marketing. When scanned by smartphones or other mobile devices, the trackable, redirectable QR codes provided by Linked Response can automatically invoke a wide variety of smartphone functions to deliver information or products to clients, instantly.

“For instance, imagine using the QR code for ticket sales on an event poster,” Johnson says. “Once you scan that code, your phone can automatically accesses the ticket purchase page so you can make a purchase right there, in real time when you are most motivated to do so. Regardless of your industry – restaurant, retail, real estate or whatever – mobile marketing empowers you to convert passive patrons into engaged and interested ones.”

Developed to provide mobile marketing services for businesses, municipalities, charities and individuals in Western Canada, Linked Response is now expanding its QR code program platform to all of North America. Its unique, memorable client-engagement programs specifically target mobile users who are “on the go.” Simply download and install a free scanner app on your mobile device, and the app will use your smartphone’s camera to decode the QR code and provide immediate access to the encoded information.

“With their embedded links, QR codes can do everything from dialing a number to launching an e-mail, accessing a website, including social media sites, and launching video or sound files,” Johnson says. “Linked Response not only communicates your marketing message but gives your audience the opportunity to take immediate action.”

Before providing a client with QR codes, Linked Response will conduct a review to ensure the codes match the intended use. Environmental factors are taken into account to ensure the codes are compatible with the intended location of use, lighting, weather, distance from users, susceptibility to damage, etc. Linked Response has the ability to redirect the landing page of a scanned code mid-campaign, providing clients with a high degree of campaign assurance and flexibility. “Of course, we also provide full analytics for web-based marketing campaigns,” states Johnson.

What’s more, there’s no better time for the Linked Response application to debut, Johnson adds. Mobile marketing business is hot, thanks to higher-speed, more cost-effective mobile networks and unlimited (or high-volume) data plans. Also timely is the rapid development of feature-rich, smartphone technology that’s tapping these high-speed networks. In fact, it’s now the new communication hub of choice, replacing landline phones, home computers, cameras, music players, etc.

“With the cost of data plans and mobile devices dropping, more people are replacing their old mobile phones with feature-rich smartphones, which they keep within reach 24/7,” Johnson says. “So introducing the Linked Response platform has simply made perfect sense. Hands down, ‘mobile’ is the hottest trend in marketing today.”

For more information, visit: http://www.linkedresponse.com.

About Linked Response

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Linked Response is a mobile marketing company that seamlessly enables powerful client-engagement campaigns through the creative use of 2D QR codes, text messaging and proximity marketing.


Ed Johnson
Mobile Marketing Consultant

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