Glu’s Gun Bros Multiplayer Blasts Onto the App Store

June 30, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, June 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Glu Mobile Inc. (Nasdaq: GLUU), a leading global publisher of 3D Social Mobile games for smartphone and tablet devices, today announced its Gun Bros App is now available with Multiplayer co-op mode for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. With more than 8 million downloads to date on iOS devices, the Gun Bros Multiplayer update is poised to make shockwaves through the Bros community.

Through real-time co-op play and Game Center voice chat, players can now work together as Bros to level up faster and defeat the evil T.O.O.L. organization. With each additional Bro recruited, players earn valuable power ups called Bro-Buffs which increase their speed, damage, armor, extra points and payout. By completing Bro-Ops daily challenges, players can earn War Bucks, coins, extra points and more.

“Gun Bros is one of our most popular franchises and we’re excited to give fans of the game the option to play together in real-time,” said Daren Chencinski, Vice President of Production at Glu. “Adding Multiplayer functionality to Gun Bros gives players a real-time social experience while giving new and long-time Gun Bros fans alike a fresh and compelling experience.”

Features of the updated Gun Bros include:

  • We’ll Do It Live: Live co-op multiplayer over 3G or Wi-Fi.
  • Bigger, Better Toys: The Gun Bros arsenal has been expanded with even crazier and more lethal guns, including the Deuce Dropper X90 and Diabolic Maws.
  • Talk Trash: Play together and defeat the evil T.O.O.L organization using Game Center voice chat and co-op Multiplayer mode.
  • Get Buff: Players have the ability to recruit to their brotherhood and earn Bro-Buffs which can increase their speed, damage, armor, extra points and payouts.
  • Bro-Ops: Daily challenges that players can either take on individually or with other Bros to earn payouts, including War Bucks.
  • Critical Mass: By mastering weapons, players can increase their chance of earning Critical Hits, which help them do more extreme damage to enemies.

The Gun Bros App is available for free from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, or at www.itunes.com/appstore/.

About Glu Mobile

Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU) is a leading global publisher of social games for smartphone and tablet devices. Glu’s unique technology platform enables its titles to be accessible to a broad audience of consumers all over the world — supporting iOS, Android, Palm, Windows Phone 7 devices and beyond. Glu is focused on bringing the best in social, freemium, cross-platform mobile gaming experiences to the mass market. Founded in 2001, Glu is headquartered in San Francisco and has major offices in Brazil, China, Russia and the UK. Glu is focused on creating compelling original IP and also partners with leading entertainment brands including Activision, Atari, Caesar’s and Fox. Consumers can find high-quality, fresh entertainment created exclusively for their mobile devices wherever they see the ‘g’ character logo or at www.glu.com. For live updates, please follow Glu via Twitter at www.twitter.com/glumobile or become a Glu fan at Facebook.com/glumobile.

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