July 6, 2011

Hannover House Pacts With Boys & Girls Clubs for Theatrical Promotions of ‘Turtle’ Feature

NEW YORK, July 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hannover House, the entertainment division of Target Development Group, Inc. (Pinksheets: TDGI), has implemented a theatrical release promotion with local chapters of "Boys & Girls Clubs" in key markets to drive interest and attendance for "Turtle: The Incredible Journey." The campaign includes the issuance of companion-ticket passes that provide free admission to the film at participating theatres with the purchase of an accompanying, regularly priced ticket. The Boys & Girls Clubs campaign has already launched successfully into six markets, including Los Angeles, Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio, N.W. Arkansas and Mobile, Alabama, with promotions launching this week in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Pensacola and Wilmington, NC.

"We have found that the best advertising for this film is the trusted recommendation from people that have already seen it," said Eric Parkinson, C.E.O. of Hannover House and Target Development Group, Inc. "The Boys & Girls Clubs have been very supportive of this promotion, and this has helped us sell out many shows for the film. The coattail effect can be seen for several days following these promotional screenings, as word-of-mouth helps drive new attendees to the theatres," he concluded.

The Traditional advertising campaign for "Turtle: The Incredible Journey" has generated over 150-million consumer impressions through television ads, consumer print, newspaper, radio and internet. Additional consumer support and awareness has been generated through SeaWorld Pictures, the participating partner with Hannover House for the film's release. Still, despite the impressive levels of publicity and advertising support, Parkinson said it's hard to make noise with an independent release in mid-summer, against a weekly onslaught of major studio hits.

"It's easy to spend a lot of money marketing a film release in mid-summer, without necessarily reaching the point of being a movie-goer's first or second choice to see," said Parkinson. "The other major studios routinely spend twenty-times as much to launch a film as we have spent for 'Turtle', so we have to be smarter about how we reach our audience. The Boys & Girls Clubs companion ticket promotion seems to be working out as a great way to drive traffic and positive word-of-mouth for the film."

"Turtle: The Incredible Journey," now in theaters in eight major markets, is being released by Hannover House under a distribution and promotional venture with SeaWorld Pictures, the recently formed division of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. Hannover House and SeaWorld plan to expand the film's release on July 22nd and July 29th to reach over forty additional markets. For more information on the film, go to: www.Turtle-Film.com

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SOURCE Hannover House